Did BTS’ Jimin and Jin get into a fight for a solo picture? Get to know HERE

BTS Jimin and Jin
Credit: Instagram

BTS members never fail to impress the army with their stints. It has been a few months since the Septet opened their Instagram accounts and their fan followings have already reached heights. However, they were quite busy the previous month owing to their Grammy and concert schedules. Now, it seems like they are back for some more entertainment on social media. It was after a long time that BTS’ agency BigHit Music gave a glimpse of the boys having fun sending the army into a frenzy.


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The new video

BigHit Music, the agency associated with the Bangtan Boys has recently released a video in the form of a Bangtan Zip on Facebook. It is after a long time that fans are able to watch behind-the-scenes footage from one of the BTS shoots. The said video features various unseen moments from the group members’ shoot that happened in Helsinki in 2020. For the unversed, it was a part of their 2020 Winter Package Shoot. It is sure to leave the BTS members nostalgic and has left the army’s hearts filled!

What’s in the video?

The video begins by showing a glimpse of Jeon Jungkook who can be seen acting as the ‘director’ who takes pictures of all the solo BTS members. The Golden Maknae starts by clicking the picture of the group’s leader RM followed by Jin, Suga, V, J-Hope, and Jimin. We can’t take our eyes off Park Jimin as he strikes some cute poses. On the other hand, Jin’s pictures prove once again why everyone calls him ‘Mr. Worldwide Handsome.’ Talking about Suga and RM, the duo seems to be lost in thoughts as they strike poses for the camera.

The army is further excited to see J-Hope walking like a model as he strikes poses for the camera while doubling up as an entertainer for Jungkook. It seems like the entire BTS group has transferred us to the world of K-pop in an instant! Fans are also excited to see V and Jimin posing for pictures as if they were the protagonists of their own dramas.

The viral fight!

In between the shoot, two of the members, Jimin and Jin can be seen breaking into a fake fight which is sure to leave the army in splits. It so happened that both of them were trying their best to get over the other to have some solo shots taken by Jungkook. The best part was when Jin and Jimin dragged Jungkook into their fake fight.

Check out the video below.