Did BTS’ Jungkook already shave his head ahead of military service?

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The globally acclaimed K-pop group BTS is currently on hiatus as members prepare for their mandatory military enlistment. Jungkook, RM, V, and Jimin recently held a live session on Weverse, connecting with fans before their temporary departure from military service.

Live Session Highlights

During the live session, the members expressed mixed emotions about their upcoming enlistment. BIGHIT Music had announced earlier that Jungkook and Jimin would serve in the military together, while RM and V would enlist together. The discussion touched on various topics, including their feelings about leaving and their plans for the future.

Jungkook’s Shaved Head Revelation

Jungkook surprised fans by revealing that he had already shaved his head ahead of the military service. Although he initially hid his hair under a hoodie, he briefly ran past the camera, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of his new look. This revelation left fans emotional as they bid farewell to the group temporarily.

V addressed his shorter-than-usual hair during the live session, explaining that he had not shaved his head yet due to some remaining schedules. The members openly discussed their hair transformations, adding a personal touch to their final live session before enlistment.

Emotional Fan Reactions

Fans, known as the ARMY, shared their emotions on social media platforms, expressing both sadness and support for BTS. Screenshots of Jungkook’s shaved head circulated online, and fans acknowledged the unchanging bond among the members despite the upcoming hiatus.

Future Plans and Reassurance

Despite the hiatus, BTS members expressed their desire to return to the music scene as soon as possible. Jungkook hinted at the possibility of live concerts after their military service concludes. The group’s commitment to their fans and the assurance of their unaltered bond brought comfort to ARMYs worldwide.

The live session served as a poignant moment for BTS and their fans, marking the beginning of the group’s temporary hiatus. The emotional connection between the members and the ARMY was evident, and the anticipation for BTS’s return remains high, with fans eagerly awaiting future music releases and performances.