Did BTS’ RM just hint at his military enlistment plan? DEETS Inside

Credit: GQ Korea

BTS leader RM recently shared a series of photos on his social media, capturing moments with his friends and showcasing his daily aesthetic. While the pictures displayed his usual aesthetic charm, it was the final slide that left BTS fans puzzled, leading to speculation about whether RM is preparing for his military service enlistment or planning a comeback. From scenic views to friendly interactions and even a snapshot of a cat, RM’s social media update provided a glimpse into his joyful moments with friends.

RM’s Instagram Update

In a recent Instagram story, RM documented an outing with his friends alongside reposting a story from his stylist’s Instagram, hinting at something significant. The rapper also shared corresponding pictures on his feed, including stunning seaside views that garnered attention from fans, particularly noting his fascination with crabs, which appeared to be part of his friend circle. However, it was the last slide featuring RM getting a haircut that intrigued fans, raising questions about its connection to his military service.

Fans’ Reaction to the Update

RM’s recent social media posts have sparked intense speculation among fans, with many pondering whether the rapper is preparing for his military service enlistment. The caption accompanying one of the photos, where he mentioned, “gotta expect the unexpected,” further fueled this speculation. While fans strive to maintain composure with the motto “Life Goes On,” they are mentally preparing themselves for the possibility of RM’s enlistment. It’s worth noting that BIGHIT MUSIC, BTS’ agency, has not issued any official statement regarding RM’s enlistment, leaving the matter unconfirmed.

On a more optimistic note, fans have interpreted the phrase “gotta expect the unexpected” as a potential hint at RM’s comeback. Some fans observed that RM is seen spending time with fellow musicians and a stylist, leading them to believe that he may be working on new music and getting a fresh haircut in preparation for an upcoming musical project. While BIGHIT MUSIC has not provided official information about RM’s future plans, fans are expressing their anticipation for the singer’s activities and eagerly awaiting what he has in store.


RM’s recent social media update has left BTS fans speculating about his future endeavors, with discussions revolving around the possibilities of his military service enlistment or a potential comeback. The mysterious final slide featuring a haircut has stirred curiosity and uncertainty among fans, prompting various interpretations and theories. As fans await official announcements from BIGHIT MUSIC regarding RM’s plans, they continue to support and appreciate the leader’s moments of joy and eagerly anticipate his future endeavors, whether they involve his military service or new music releases.