Did BTS’ V just CONFIRM his relationship with BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

Is BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie dating?
Credits: Instagram

The ongoing dating rumors between BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie have taken another intriguing twist, leaving netizens divided over their alleged relationship. Recent discoveries on social media have fueled speculation while fans debate the legitimacy of the evidence.

Netizens’ New Findings

Netizens recently stumbled upon a picture online, claiming that it featured V and Jennie together. Initially, fans paid little attention to it, but they later noticed striking similarities between the alleged picture and items seen in V’s Instagram stories. Notably, a painting appearing in both V’s story and the netizen’s shared photo sparked further speculation. While some netizens believed this was a subtle confirmation of their relationship, others remained skeptical, suggesting the images might have been heavily edited.

Fans’ Diverse Reactions

The dating rumors have ignited a polarizing response among fans. Some urged fellow netizens to respect the idols’ privacy and refrain from prying into their personal lives. On the contrary, some fans voiced their support for the potential couple, stating that V and Jennie looked great together. This mixed reaction has kept the conversation alive.

V and Jennie’s Earlier Spottings

Reports of Jennie and V being spotted together in Paris in May 2023 initially sent shockwaves through the online community. While some believed they were indeed the couple, others suspected they might be cosplayers impersonating the two idols. In July 2023, Jennie added fuel to the fire by sharing a picture wearing an outfit strikingly similar to what she wore during the Paris sighting, captioned with “A few weeks back.” Fans commended her for living carefreely. Furthermore, fans noticed commonalities in their social media posts, hinting at a possible dinner gathering in Paris. As of now, neither YG Entertainment nor BIGHIT MUSIC has officially addressed the ongoing speculation surrounding their relationship.

The dating rumors between BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie continue to captivate the online community. While some believe they have found evidence confirming their relationship, others maintain skepticism. Now, it only depends on the two K-pop stars as to when they will throw the limelight on the relationship rumors.