Did Julia Fox concern Kim Kardashian with her revelations on Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian
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Julia Fox’s recent revelations about her whirlwind romance with Kanye West have sent shockwaves through Hollywood, leaving many intrigued and some rather uncomfortable.

In her memoir, “Down the Drain,” she provides an intimate glimpse into her less-than-two-month affair with the iconic rapper, fashion designer, and provocateur. The revelations are fascinating, a tad cringe-worthy, and are bound to raise some eyebrows.


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Unexpected Beginnings

Julia Fox’s journey with Kanye West began when the artist asked a friend of a friend for her number. This unique meeting led to hours of phone conversations in late 2021. Things escalated quickly as Kanye chartered a private jet for Julia and her friends to join him in Miami for New Year’s Eve. As the clock struck midnight, they were together, celebrating the start of 2022 in Kanye’s hotel room, playing Uno and highlighting positive words in the dictionary. That night, he asked her to be his girlfriend and go public, setting the stage for a whirlwind romance.

Kim Kardashian’s Discomfort

However, Julia’s revelations about her time with Kanye have left more than just eyebrows raised. Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, is reportedly less than thrilled with Julia’s candid storytelling. Kim, who has always aimed to protect Kanye’s image even after their split and the many controversies, is particularly concerned about their children. She’s aware that anything said about Kanye can live on the internet forever, and she’s not pleased with Julia’s revelations in her book.

A Chaotic Romance Unveiled

Julia’s memoir offers a vivid account of her chaotic time with Kanye. For their second date, he overwhelmed her with gifts, offered to pay for breast augmentation, and requested her to write a story about the early days of their courtship. When Julia’s narrative didn’t meet Kanye’s expectations, he arranged for a friend to draft a “completely fabricated” story to accompany a magazine photoshoot. Julia reflects that Kanye’s behavior was so controlling that he once had a stylist meet her in a restaurant bathroom to change her outfit. She described feeling like a pawn in a strange, twisted game, which left her with a sense of unease and dirtiness.

Kim Kardashian’s Perspective The Kanye that Julia describes in her memoir is quite different from the one Kim Kardashian fell in love with. According to a source close to Kim, she knew a different Kanye during their time together. While he had certain controlling tendencies, they were not as pronounced as those described in Julia’s account. Kim has hinted at their marital struggles, acknowledging that living in separate states was a significant challenge. During their marriage, Kim often found herself alone, taking care of their children while Kanye was away for weeks at a time, working on his projects.

A Relationship Unraveled

Kim and Kanye’s marriage eventually unraveled, with the spark between them extinguishing. The source notes that they transitioned from being romantic partners to mere acquaintances. The constant controversies and public criticisms from Kanye took a toll on Kim. She struggled to maintain a façade of normalcy amid Kanye’s erratic behavior and public statements, leading her to spend hours as the “cleanup crew” behind the scenes.

Future Fears

Kim’s biggest fear is that Kanye may have shared confidential or personal information with his flings, and those stories could one day be revealed. Julia’s refusal to sign a nondisclosure agreement only adds to the unease. Kanye holds a wealth of information about Kim, including details about rumored plastic surgeries and the true nature of her feud with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian. Julia even hinted that she could have shared more if she wanted to cause further damage.