Did Kanye West impose controlling rules on wife Bianca Censori?

Bianca Censori
Credit: Instagram

In January, Kanye West married Bianca Censori in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, shortly after his official divorce from Kim Kardashian. The ceremony was shrouded in peculiar rules and restrictions, as reported by TMZ and scrutinized by media outlets. The most bizarre of these prohibitions imposed by the rapper on his new wife is the strict control over her life.

Restrictions on Speech and Appearance

Kanye West has reportedly prohibited Bianca Censori from speaking without his permission. Although this rule may be challenging to enforce in public, incidents like a man attempting to flirt with her in a shopping mall are telling of the rapper’s controlling ways. According to the Daily Mail, the 46-year-old rapper is manipulating the 28-year-old interior designer.

Control Over Lifestyle and Wardrobe

Kanye’s set of rules for Bianca includes controlling her diet, specifying the foods she can consume, and compelling her to exercise regularly, even though Kanye himself doesn’t follow a strict workout routine. The anonymous source revealed, “She no longer has any will of her own and obeys him because he has convinced her that they are royalty.”

Moreover, Kanye dictates her choice of attire, as evidenced by the flesh-colored jumpsuits she has worn on several occasions. This level of control even extended to her concealing herself with a pillow while in public.

Isolating From Friends and Family

Bianca has distanced herself from her friends, seemingly influenced by Kanye’s views. Despite concerns from her close circle, she remains uninterested in their perspectives and insists that her friends are merely jealous of her fame. A friend of Bianca’s is deeply concerned about her transformation under Kanye’s influence.

According to this friend, Bianca is no longer the outspoken and vivacious person she once was. They believe Kanye is trying to mold her into a version of Kim Kardashian, reinforcing the severity of his control over her life.