Did Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori just mock Kim Kardashian?

Did Kanye Wests Wife Bianca Censori Just Mock Kim Kardashian
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Kanye West and his new wife, Bianca Censori, have recently found themselves under public scrutiny and criticism for their provocative appearances during their outings in Europe. In particular, the attention-grabbing attire worn by Censori, often featuring sheer and form-fitting catsuits, has generated controversy due to its explicit nature for public appearances. Many netizens have even speculated that her fashion choices may be a subtle way of mocking Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

Reddit Users Speculate on Bianca Censori’s Attire

Reddit users have been actively engaging in discussions and speculation regarding the 28-year-old Australian model’s penchant for wearing tight catsuits. Some have suggested that her choice of clothing might be related to Kim Kardashian’s role as the founder of the shapewear company SKIMS. One user humorously pondered whether Kanye was dressing his wife in spandex as a form of insult to SKIMS.

Humorous Theories and Observations

The Reddit thread also featured humorous theories, with one user suggesting that Kim Kardashian might be secretly having Censori dressed in Skims as a bold and attention-grabbing advertising campaign. Another commenter noted how Censori seemed eager to slip into these suits on various occasions, almost as if she was flaunting the comfort and versatility of spandex.

Bianca Censori’s Connection to Yeezy

It’s worth noting that Bianca Censori has a professional connection to Kanye West’s brand, Yeezy, having become an architectural designer for the brand’s team in November 2020. This connection adds another layer to the discussion surrounding her fashion choices and their potential symbolism.

Provocative Outing in Germany

The controversy regarding Censori’s attire reached its peak when Kanye and his Australian wife were photographed during a lunch outing in Germany, followed by a leisurely meal on a public bench. During this outing, Censori sported a revealing sheer body stocking with shorts at the lower half. Her outfit appeared to consist of a single pair of tights that covered her entire body, including her midriff and breasts, exuding a sultry and provocative aura.

The speculation about whether Bianca Censori’s fashion choices are intended to mock Kim Kardashian adds an intriguing layer of curiosity to their European appearances, and netizens continue to debate the motivations behind her bold and attention-grabbing attire.