Did MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Join PSY’s Agency P Nation? Here’s What We Know

Credit: Instagram

MAMAMOO’s youngest member, Hwasa, has made the decision to end her solo career with her original agency, RBW, and has now joined P NATION, the self-founded agency by K-pop veteran Psy. In a video titled “New Artist Welcome, HWASA,” released by P NATION, Hwasa is introduced as the newest addition to the impressive roster of successful musical artists managed by the agency.

Transitioning from RBW to P NATION

After leaving her longtime agency RBW, where she made her official debut in the K-pop industry, Hwasa became the second member of MAMAMOO to choose a solo path with a different agency. Previously, member Wheein joined Ravi’s THE L1VE. However, it is assumed that Hwasa will continue her K-pop group career as part of MAMAMOO under RBW, ensuring the group’s continuity. At the same time, Hwasa is expected to showcase her talents and charm in her new agency, taking control of her solo career with a fresh team. The official signing of the contract with P NATION was announced on June 30, following the expiration of her exclusive deal with RBW.

Hwasa’s Dual Path: Solo Career and MAMAMOO

While Hwasa embarks on her solo journey under P NATION, it is important to note that she will continue her activities as a member of MAMAMOO under RBW. This dual path will allow her to pursue individual projects while maintaining the group’s activities. Fans can look forward to seeing Hwasa’s growth and evolution as both a solo artist and a member of MAMAMOO.

About Hwasa: An All-Rounder in the K-pop Industry

Hwasa, whose birth name is Ahn Hye Jin, adopted her stage name when she debuted with MAMAMOO in 2014. She has also gained popularity under the alias “Maria” and released an EP with the same name. Hwasa is known for her unique fashion sense, boldness, and versatility as she excels in various roles, including singer, rapper, fashionista, and variety star. Her exceptional talent and captivating presence have earned her a dedicated fan base both in Korea and internationally.

Conclusion: Hwasa’s Future with P NATION

With her move to P NATION, Hwasa enters a new chapter in her solo career. The agency, led by the influential artist Psy, offers promising opportunities for her growth and artistic development. Fans are eagerly anticipating Hwasa’s future releases and performances under P NATION as she continues to captivate audiences with her talent, charisma, and unique style.