Did Rihanna just pay tribute to Kanye West?

Credit: Instagram

Throughout the years, controversial rapper Kanye West and singer Rihanna have collaborated on many songs but ‘All of the Lights’ is definitely the most famous among all of them. During the recent Super Bowl LVII Halftime show, Rihanna was criticized for performing this particular song that also features Kanye West.

Talking about the rapper, he became a trending topic this week on Twitter for the tribute Rihanna paid to him at the said event. However, that wasn’t all! It is because Riri also paid another evident tribute to Ye with her attire.

Kanye West
Credit: Instagram

The noticeable tribute

Kanye West made it clear over the years that he loves wearing red outfits for different types of his concerts. Now, Rihanna also wore a red outfit during the Super Bowl halftime show, so it was a clear tribute to her friend Ye. However, it also met with a backlash from people who cancelled the rapper for his alleged anti-semitic comments against the Jewish population. But this did not stop Rihanna and according to The Sun, she supports the rapper despite all controversies.

More details

Here is what a source close to The Sun said about the entire matter, “Rihanna is still great friends with Ye, and so is [ASAP] Rocky. She doesn’t care if people are offended by her paying tribute to him at the Super Bowl. She still supports him, even if she doesn’t always agree with what he has to say, or his political views. She would never have brought him out on stage because it was her moment, and she wanted to reveal her pregnancy, she didn’t need a guest. All of the Lights was one of Rihanna’s biggest hits as a feature, she’s never going to take it out of her set, and now it’s doing well again on iTunes as a result of the show.”

Rihanna and Rocky

The lawsuit case!

Controversial rapper Kanye West reportedly filed a lawsuit against one of the local fast food joints – Ivanhoe’s College Dropout Burgers which is owned by Mark Elkhouri. For the unversed, he filed the complaint at the beginning of 2022. Ye sent the owner multiple cease and desist letters owing to a specific mural painted on his shop. Not only that but Kanye also accused the local restaurant of using his IP address without taking his consent.