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The annual list of Instagram’s richest celebrities for 2023 has been unveiled by Hopper HQ, and the BLINKs will be happy to know that BLACKPINK’s Lisa is also a part of the same. For the unversed, the compilation calculates the earnings that celebrities from around the world accrue from each of their Instagram posts. Not only Lisa but two other Korean celebs, Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo, were also a part of the list this time.

However, Lisa stood out as the sole representative from the K-pop sphere. According to the latest reports, she incurred a remarkable sum of 575,000 USD for every post she shared in the year. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho earned 200,000 USD, followed by Song Hye Kyo, who secured 100,000 USD through their Instagram activity in 2023.


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Lisa’s Presence on Instagram

Creating Waves on Instagram Over the course of time, Lisa has been garnering substantial attention through her dynamic presence on Instagram. Through a combination of captivating visuals and consistent posting, she has successfully carved a niche for herself as a social media sensation. This year, her accomplishments have been recognized by Guinness World Records, with one of them being the title for the K-pop artist with the highest number of Instagram followers. With an impressive count of 96.9 million followers, Lisa’s popularity continues to ascend. Her recent posts have caused quite a stir, particularly her snapshots donning various bikinis, showcasing her impeccably toned physique. These posts have ignited a frenzy among her fans, enabling them to live vicariously through her leisurely escapades.

BLACKPINK’s Milestones

YG Entertainment revealed on August 16 that BLACKPINK’s music video for “Lovesick Girls” has crossed the monumental threshold of 700 million views on YouTube. This achievement comes more than two years after the video’s initial release in October 2020. The song’s poignant melody is accentuated by a captivating guitar instrumental, and both Jisoo and Jennie contributed to the songwriting and composition. Diverging from previous releases, this track garnered attention for its vocal-centered approach, coupled with the exceptional acting prowess of the group’s members, particularly Rosé and Jennie.

The emotionally charged breakup narrative and the members’ compelling performances remained hot topics for weeks following the release. The song’s performance on various charts was equally impressive, securing the 59th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and maintaining a stronghold at no. 1 on the Global YouTube Song Top 100 chart. “Lovesick Girls” was part of BLACKPINK’s first full-length album, ‘THE ALBUM,’ which also achieved significant success, securing second positions on both the US Billboard 200 and the UK Official Albums Chart.