Did you know who helped Jungkook, The Kid LAROI, and Central Cee create ‘TOO MUCH’?

BTS Richest Member

On October 20, 2023, the music world received a delightful surprise when BTS’ Jungkook, The Kid LAROI, and Central Cee dropped their sensational track, “TOO MUCH.” Since its release, the song has been showered with love from fans worldwide, praising its incredible music and captivating visuals. However, the magic behind this song gets even more intriguing when you learn about Justin Bieber’s contribution.

Justin Bieber’s Creative Spark

During a recent promotional event, The Kid LAROI shared insights into how Justin Bieber, the musical genius, played a crucial role in elevating “TOO MUCH.” As they were in the process of creating the song, Justin Bieber walked into the room, inquired about their work, and decided to add his magic to the mix. According to the Australian singer, Justin effortlessly crafted the catchy tune for the chorus in a single go, impressing everyone present. The result was one of the best and most infectious melodies they’ve ever heard. This moment showcased the true genius of Justin Bieber, effortlessly enhancing the song’s appeal.

A History of Collaboration

Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI have a track record of delivering global hits, with their previous collaboration, “STAY,” taking the music world by storm in 2021. The combination of their talents consistently sweeps the charts and trends globally, making them a dynamic duo. Furthermore, Jungkook, a member of BTS, has openly expressed his admiration for the Canadian sensation multiple times. The coming together of these music powerhouses in the creation of “TOO MUCH” has resulted in an exceptional masterpiece that resonates with music enthusiasts worldwide.

Jungkook’s Upcoming Solo Album “GOLDEN”

Adding to the excitement in the music industry, BTS member Jungkook is set to release his first solo album, “GOLDEN,” on November 3. This highly anticipated album promises a thrilling lineup of collaborations with global artists. Notably, Major Lazer and DJ Snake will feature in two of the tracks, “Closer To You” and “Please Don’t Change.” The album will also include Jungkook’s previous releases, “Seven” featuring Latto and “3D” featuring Jack Harlow. Fans are eagerly awaiting the album’s drop, knowing that Jungkook has consistently demonstrated his extraordinary talent and power through his music. The inclusion of renowned artists such as Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran in the credits has only heightened the anticipation for this musical journey.