Dos and don’ts after a breakup

Dos and donts after a breakup
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Heartbreaks are tough to handle as you were totally invested in something which has fallen into a rut now. This phase may not be a very easy one for you to come out from. But it’s life and doesn’t stop for anybody so you need to gather yourself together and get back on track. This also does not mean that you should not take your time for grieving. So here are some do’s and don’ts after a breakup. 

What you should do after a breakup

1. Take some time off:

Your breakup might have been quite hard for you both mentally and physically, so it is okay if you need some time off everything. You are allowed to have some time for yourself and not do anything for some time if you want that. 

2. Discuss how you want to handle encounters:


It might be impossible to avoid constant encounters with your ex, as they might be working at the same place as yours or you might be college mates, so it’s wise to discuss how are you guys planning to handle these encounters.

3. Practice self-care:

The post-breakup phase could be the most unproductive phase in a person’s life. Here you might lose all your energy to do anything productive but you need to refrain from this. You need to take care of yourself. You only have yourself so why not accept it and start taking of yourself.

4. Express your feelings:

It is true that after your breakup your feelings are at their extreme but it is also true that you might not feel secure in sharing them. So, it is always good to either write them down or talk to a therapist or even that single person whom you can trust.

5. Spend quality time with yourself:


You might have stopped spending time with your own self while you were in that relationship. But we all know the importance of alone time, so why not use this breakup for redeveloping the lost bond with yourself.

What you should not do after a breakup

1. Don’t be hard on yourself:


You aren’t a robot but a human being and therefore, allowed to feel. You’ve just had a breakup and are not feeling good about it, you aren’t feeling your own self lately and that is completely okay. You should not force yourself to not feel whatever you are feeling and should just validate your emotions.

2. Don’t keep a check on your ex’s account:

You should opt for no contact after your breakup if you are really sure about it. And this should include you unfollowing your ex from everywhere. You should really stop yourself from keeping a constant check on them via social media because you know what will it do to you.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

You are going through a rough phase in your life and the people who care about you will actually stick by you through this. So, if you are not able to handle all this alone you should not shy away from asking for help from them. These people are your well-wisher and will do anything to help you.

4. Don’t jump into a new relationship:

A lot of people choose to go for a rebound as soon as their relationship ends. Well, you should know it is not at all wise to do so. You aren’t healed from the past trauma and this rebound won’t help you either. It will just distract you for a while and everything will come back unannounced which would be even tougher to handle.