Dr. Stone Season 3: Release date, plot, trailer and latest news

Dr.-Stone Season 3
Dr.-Stone Credit Crunchyroll

Listen up, science enthusiasts! The word on the street is that Dr. Stone Season 3 is coming in hot, but with so much manga material left to cover, the big question on everyone’s mind is just how far will the anime take us. Buckle up, because Season 3 will be delving into the epic “Age of Exploration” arc, with rumors swirling that we might even get a taste of the “Treasure Island” arc.

And while the first two seasons served up 24 and 11 episodes respectively, who knows what surprises the third season has in store for us in terms of length? Don’t fret though, if we still need more stone-ifying adventures, there’s always the possibility of a fourth season on the horizon.

With only 138 manga chapters covered so far, there’s plenty of science-fueled excitement left to explore. So, grab your lab coats and goggles, it’s time to get excited for what’s to come in the world of Dr. Stone!

Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date

Dr.-Stone Season 3
Dr.-Stone Credit: Crunchyroll

Dr. Stone fans out there because I’ve got some juicy news that’ll knock your socks off! Apparently, the AnimeTV Twitter account just confirmed the release of Season 3 of Dr. Stone! Can you believe it?! The upcoming season is set to air in April 2023, and from what I hear, it’ll be part of the Spring Anime Season.

Word on the street is that the announcement was made at the Jump Festa event back in 2022. And get this, alongside the announcement was a special one-hour spin-off episode that focused on Ryusui Nanami, which aired in July 2022. But wait, there’s more! At the end of the special, we got a sneak peek at the Season 3 title, which is supposedly Dr. Stone: New World.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Plot

Dr.-Stone Season 3
Dr.-Stone Season 3: New World

Hold on tight to your seats, Dr. Stone fans, because Season 3 is on its way with all the twists and turns you can imagine to bombard us with its next-level storyline! As you may know, the first two seasons and a special episode have taken us on a wild journey through a petrified civilization and the amazing scientific genius ( our one and only) of Senku Ishigami. And if you thought that was exciting, get ready for Season 3, which promises to bring even more jaw-dropping revelations!

In the upcoming season, we’ll see Senku continue his mission to restore humanity to its former glory, I mean back to life, but he’ll have to face one major obstacle: the return of Tsukasa! Despite having good intentions about Senku’s goal, Tsukasa despises grown-ups and all their adult ways. Can Senku convince him to join his team, or will Tsukasa’s hatred for the elderly be the end of their journey? Buckle up, folks, because this season is going to be a wild ride!

Dr. Stone Season 3 Teaser Trailer

アニメ『Dr.STONE』第3期“NEW WORLD”ティザーPV/2023年4月放送決定!

Dr. Stone Season 3 Characters and Voice Actors

Dr.-Stone Season 3
Dr.-Stone Credit: Crunchyroll

Here are the voice actors for the main characters in Dr. Stone Season 3, because who doesn’t love knowing who’s behind the characters’ voices?

First up, we have Ishigami Senku, the genius behind the quest to save humanity. He’s voiced by Kobayashi Yuusuke in the Japanese version, and in case you’re wondering, he’s not related to Kobe Bryant or any other famous Kobayashis.

Next, we have Asagiri Gen, a manipulative and charismatic member of the team, voiced by Kawanishi Kengo. With a voice like his, he could probably talk his way out of anything.

Then there’s Chrome, a young inventor who’s always eager to learn, voiced by Satou Gen. Fun fact: “Chrome” is actually short for “Chromium,” which is a real-life element.

Kohaku, a fierce warrior from the village who becomes a key member of the team, is voiced by Numakura Manami. She’s got the perfect voice to bring Kohaku’s strength and determination to live.

Finally, we have Nanami Ryuusui, a wealthy entrepreneur who joins the team on their journey, voiced by Suzuki Ryouta. With a voice as smooth as his, it’s no wonder he’s so successful in business.

Where to Watch Dr. Stone Season 3

Attention all Dr. Stone enthusiasts, it’s time to mark your calendars and stock up on your favorite snacks because Season 3 is upon us! Here’s a list of official websites with primo streaming quality for your viewing pleasure:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Netflix
  • Funimation
  • HBO Max