Drake appears unbothered after alleged leaked X-rated video

Credits: Instagram

Looks like Drake is the least bothered! A recent leak of an alleged X-rated video showing the ‘Hotline Bling’ hitmaker touching himself has gone viral all over the internet.

With the clip making waves on online media, Drake, seemingly unfazed, carried on with his usual Instagram activity, sharing snapshots from inside an airplane cockpit and writing, “Cashville I’m home.” He also sent birthday wishes to his cousin Max. “More life to my young gunner @shouldbagsaiyan,” he captioned a photo of Max, showcasing his typical social media engagement.

Drake seems unbothered by the leak

Despite speculation that the footage was filmed on his private jet, Drake, 37, has not directly addressed the NSFW video. However, streamer Adin Ross claimed that the rapper found humor in the situation.

“I’m still Live, bro. We were just looking at the s–t. It’s like crazy bro, like God damn,” Ross said in a voice memo to Drake. “You’re blessed with your voice, you’re blessed with performing, you’re blessed to be you, you’re blessed to be No. 1 and you’re also blessed to have a f–king missile.”

According to Ross, Drake responded with laughter, sending “like eight laughing emojis” in reply. Despite the chaos, the artist has yet to release a statement on the matter officially.

A fake screenshot is also going viral along with the video which claims to be Drake’s response to the leak. The screenshot reads, “I wasn’t hiding my meat from the world. I was hiding the world from it. -Papi”

Fan reaction

Much like Drake, his fans have found the situation hilarious with some expressing their humorous take on social media. Moreover, it is important to note that the explicit video has been deleted from all social media content.

POV: you trying to find the Drake leaks,” a user joked. “I’m seeing grown men beg for the link to the Drake leak,” a netizen quipped. “Grown men making tiktok of Drake leaks…” another tweet read. “$20 for anybody that post Drake leak video here,” a desperate fan tweeted.