Drake faces internet wrath after seemingly dissing Rihanna in new track ‘Fear of Heights’

Rihanna Drake
Credits: Drake/Instargam, Rihanna/Instagram

‘Certified Lover Boy’ turns ‘Rude Boy’ in latest LP, ‘For All The Dogs’. Drake’s musical journey seems to have taken an unexpected turn as he drops his new song, “Fear of Heights.” Released on Friday, October 6, the track has sent fans into a frenzy speculating whether the rapper is discreetly throwing shade at his former partner, Rihanna.


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‘Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you’

Despite claiming that he regrets name-dropping his exes in his songs, Drake appears to have taken the same path once again. Moreover, the ‘One Dance’ singer might be reminiscing about their time together through his lyrics. In one verse, he seems to drop a few subtle jabs at the pop icon, saying, “Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you,” and then adding, “That could never be me / Gyal can’t ruin me / Better him than me / Better it’s not me.”

Drake has been quite vocal about his affection for Rihanna in the past, and rumours about his lingering feelings for her have been a regular topic of fan discussion. The duo are still famously linked together years after parting ways. Additionally, the use of “gyal” might also be a hint at Rihanna, who goes by @badgalriri on Instagram.

Continuing with his lyrics, Drake goes on to say that he’s “anti,” which some fans speculate could be a nod to Rihanna’s last studio album titled “Anti.” And he doesn’t hold back when discussing his intimate life with his partner, rapping, “Yeah, and the sex was average with you / Yea, I’m anti ’cause I had it with you.” Later on, he confidently declares, “I had way badder b-tches than you, TBH.”

‘One sided obsession’

Fans are roasting Drake on the internet, simultaneously labeling his accusations as false and voicing their exhaustion with his “one-sided obsession” with Rihanna. “Drake still crying about rihanna 7 years later we tired,” a viral tweet read. A fan wrote, “Drake is dissing Rihanna but went on Lebron’s show saying he wanted a family with her.”

A fan tweeted, “In 2016 Rihanna curved Drake’s kiss on a world stage and he’s never recovered.” Another viral tweet read, “Drake and his one sided obsession with Rihanna for years.” A fan called out Drake, saying, “I hope Drake don’t expect us to actually believe Rihanna s*x is AVERAGE…that’s some serious delusion.”

When did Drake and Rihanna date?

In case you forgot, Drake and Rihanna’s highly-publicized romance began in 2016, resulting in several chart-topping collaborations. However, their love story was short-lived, ending just two months later.

Drake’s heartfelt declaration of love for Rihanna at the MTV Video Music Awards added to the intrigue surrounding their relationship. During a Vogue interview in 2018, Rihanna admitted to not being friends with Drake after parting ways but emphasized that they were “not enemies either.”