Drake’s new face tattoo reflects Toronto roots with style

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Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram

Drake unveiled some fresh ink during a recent appearance in his hometown, Toronto. Attending Canadian TV personality Tyrone “T-rex” Edwards’ Nostalgia Party on Friday night, the rapper showcased a new tattoo just above his right eyebrow arch with the word “miskeen.”

What does ‘Miskeen’ mean?

Captured by photographer Brent Kore in a closeup shot, the tattoo’s meaning remains a mystery as Drake hasn’t offered any explanation. In Drake’s Toronto hometown, the phrase is a familiar term within the Somali community. Rooted in the Arabic word “miskin,” its common interpretation aligns with “misfortunate” or “poor.”

Moreover, according to Complex, “miskeen” is a sympathetic term in Arabic. Moreover, in Toronto slang, it denotes “a pathetic person or situation,” as cited by the University of Toronto Magazine.

‘Bro is pushing 40 getting face tattoos’

The face art was not well received by netizens as they took to X, formerly Twitter, to express their opinions. “He’s going through a midlife crises,” a user joked. “Bro is pushing 40 getting face tattoos,” a top tweet read. “Does that say McChiken?!,” a netizen tweeted.

“Just dotted lines,” another user joked about the size of the tattoo. “Got a face tattoo that’s not even legible,” another fan commented on the small size of the art. “Was it needed at all?,” a netizen quipped. “Me trying to read this,” a user tweeted.