Dua Lipa deletes all her Instagram photos and teases new-era aesthetics for new album

Dua Lipa deletes all her Instagram photos and teases new-era aesthetics for a new album
Credit: @DUALIPA Twitter

Revamped social media layouts and updated thumbnails for music videos! What does the renowned Albanian singer-songwriter have in store for her fans? Here is everything we know so far.

Dua Lipa, 28, the sensational pop icon who is known for her electrifying performances and chart-topping hits, has once again left fans in awe with her latest move in the music industry. With an undeniable knack for reinvention and pushing boundaries, the “Levitating” singer has recently taken to social media to tease her highly anticipated third album with new-era visuals by updating her social media layout and music video thumbnails. Overnight, Lipa wiped her entire 1,500+ photo feed and changed her profile picture from the Future Nostalgia album cover to a never-before-seen kaleidoscopic blue image.

This move has sparked a frenzy among fans and critics alike, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating what this groundbreaking artist has in store for us next. Questions like, “Is this a marketing move for a new single or album?” along with “Will she continue to explore new genres and experiment with her sound?” are starting to pop up all over social media, which has once again displayed the power of fans who keep tabs on every move made by the singer with their eagle-eyed senses. After hours of debates being made within the fandom, some have been able to draw some conclusions. Many fans think that these activities are definitely teasing her third album. 

To add more confirmation, if you recall, the singer, whose last song came in 2020’s Future Nostalgia, shared details of the album in a new profile interview with the New York Times Magazine. As she confirmed that fans can expect the release of her next album in 2024, as well as sharing the briefest of ideas about what the record will entail. “Let’s get out of the way: Dua Lipa is finishing her third album. It’s due for release in 2024 and, despite the trend of musicians announcing and delaying records for years, Lipa will almost certainly meet her deadline,” the article stated.

As for the musical direction of Lipa’s latest offering,  she is experimenting with “1970s-era psychedelia.” Further mentioning, “The next record will still be pop, she says, lest her ‘fans have a meltdown’,” it stated. “She doesn’t want to ‘alienate’ them, although she’s developing a new sound that may be informed less by the house and disco beats beneath songs like ‘Physical’ and ‘Hallucinate’ than by 1970s-era psychedelia.” Lipa also went on to claim that the record will be “more personal” but refused to confirm any rumor that she is working with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker on it. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she told the publication when asked about this rumor. 

Moreover, Mark Ronson also said that he had heard Lipa’s third untitled album and hailed it as “incredible.”

Speaking to Vulture, Ronson discussed Dua Lipa’s Barbie soundtrack contribution, ‘Dance The Night,’ and upcoming music from the singer. Discussing the music video and how it featured a disco ball smashing, he added: “I think that’s why there’s the disco ball that smashes in the video, right? This feels like her triumphant stomp on that era of her music into whatever she does next.” During an interview with Vogue that May, Lipa also explained, “I’ve definitely grown up. Overall, whether it’s sonically or in terms of the themes, I’ve matured,” she continued. “It’s like I’m coming into my power and not afraid to talk about things. It’s about understanding what I want.”

At last, after looking at these statements, it’s pretty much clear to say that whatever direction Lipa chooses to take, one thing is for certain: she is poised to once again captivate audiences worldwide with her unique talent and unparalleled artistry, which we can’t wait to see! With her powerful vocals and infectious energy, she has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

From her breakout hits like “New Rules” to her collaborations with renowned artists, Lipa has consistently pushed boundaries and delivered chart-topping hits. As she embarks on the next phase of her career, there is no doubt that she will continue to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene, leaving fans wanting more!