Dua Lipa reveals she fell asleep in bar bathroom after day-drinking with Seth Meyers

Dua Lipa
Credit: Late Night With Seth Meyers/ NBC

Looks like Dua has a levitating tale!

On Tuesday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Dua Lipa revealed the chain of incidents that led to an embarrassing revelation. The “Dance The Night” singer confessed on the talk show, that after day-drinking with the host Seth Meyers, she fell asleep while visiting the restroom, tipsy from all the drinks they chugged.

Revisiting the incident, Meyers clarified that their production team offers celebrities who participate in the day drinking segments to switch from shots of alcohol to water halfway through filming. Dua had no plans to rehydrate. The 3 time Grammy winner said, “It’s not something I like to brag about, but I think I’m a good drinker,” adding, “I just wasn’t prepared for what was waiting for me.”

After over 12 shots of assorted liquor which included “gin, vodka, rum, tequila” within about 45 minutes of filming, the “Levitating” singer decided she needed some rest. She said, “I was smoking cigarettes at the time — I’ve stopped, I’ve quit, guys — but I was like, ‘Alright, I’m just going to have a cigarette. That will sort me out.'” However, the performer continued, “I was like, ‘I’m just gonna pop to the bathroom. I’m sure I’m gonna be completely fine,'” While experiencing dizziness, she said, “And I fall asleep right there.”

Seth and Dua Lipa Go Day Drinking

The 50-year-old host said it was not a luxurious place to fall asleep in but Dua found comfort in the moment: “It wasn’t a luxury bedroom, but for some reason, everything felt comfortable. I was very cozy.” She explained what she remembers from that day, stating, “The only thing I remember after that point is the fact that I woke up in my bed,” adding, “I just have this vision of my assistant — she saved my life — but all I heard was her telling my security, ‘John, get the wheelchair!’ I was full rag doll. I don’t remember a thing. It was amazing, and I woke up like two hours later. I was like, ‘What happened?'” After the filming which aired last month, the “New Rules” singer admitted that she could barely see straight.

A message then appeared on the screen, explaining that Meyers was told Lipa needed more time to get ready before she ultimately disappeared. Meyers then recalled the singer’s sudden departure, explaining, “People kept coming up and being like, ‘Dua just needs five more minutes.’ I’m like, ‘Great.’ And then someone was like, ‘She just needs 10 more minutes,'” adding, “I’m like, ‘You bet. Dua’s gonna be great! And then they were like, ‘Hey, uh, she’s gone.’ And I’m like, ‘What!?'”

Dua Lipa Fell Asleep in a Bar Bathroom While Day Drinking with Seth