Easy lipstick hacks to ace effortless makeup

lipstick hacks
Credits: Pexels

If there is one makeup product that you can’t do without, it is definitely lipstick. From full matte to satin, you will find a variety of lipsticks out there in the market. If you are a makeup freak, you may as well have tried all the categories of this amazing cosmetic gem. From the creamy lipstick bullets to the intensely pigmented liquid lipstick, you may have tried it all!

But how do you know which lipstick suits you the best or stop it from getting on your teeth? For that, you surely need to know some awesome lipstick hacks that we will be discussing below.

lipstick hacks

  • Pop your lips with sharp edges

Sometimes, you may have noticed that the lips do not look as crisp as the ones seen on the models in photographs. So, here’s a special way to make your lips pop and have a defined and sharp lip line. You can do so by cleaning the edge of your lips with a little concealer.

  • A custom-made lipstick palette

lipstick hacks

You may be among those lucky ones having multiple half-used lipstick bullets. So, here is our little hack to travel with dozens of lipsticks easily and conveniently. Just use a plastic box of medicines or pills. Then scoop out the leftovers of your old lipsticks and fill up the slots of the container one by one.

  • Lipstick off the teeth!

The most embarrassing thing that can happen is some lipstick sitting on your teeth. Nobody wants their teeth to have lipstick stains. So, the hack here is to ensure that the excess lipstick gets removed from the inside edges of the lips. You just need to form an ‘O’ shape on your lips, put your index finger in the mouth, and gently close down the lips on your finger. Then you just need to pull out your finger and done!

  • Create fuller lips

lipstick hacks

Fuller and plump pouts are the crazes of the season. Well, there is no need to resort to injections for the same! Firstly, prep your lips by exfoliating them and then apply some lip balm to get the blood flowing on your lips. This will create a smooth and flawless base post which you can prime your lips with some foundation or concealer. Then simply overline your cupid’s bow and the center of the bottom lips. Make sure you stick to the centers of the bottom and the top lip, followed by a natural edge. Lastly, fill in your lipstick and gloss it up!

So, here are some easy lipstick hacks to ace your makeup game whenever you step out. So, get ready to paint the town red or pink with some classy lipstick shades.