Ellen DeGeneres is taking care of an injured chicken on her sink

Ellen De Generes
Credit: Ellen-DeGeneres Instagram

Ellen is caring for her chicken’s injured leg.

The talk show host shared an update on her injured chicken on Friday via her Instagram account. Sinky, as she calls her chicken derived from the habitat of the bird, that she keeps in the sink, has a broken fibula, per the vet.

In the video clip, DeGeneres shares that after taking Sinky to the vet to have her leg checked, the vet confirmed she has a broken fibula and will need four weeks to recover in a special facility. She added her own celebrated sense of humor after the information, stating, “You got to be ‘fibbin’ me.”

Ellen De Generes Sinky
Credit: Ellen-De-Generes Instagram

However, the comedian quickly corrected herself saying, “That’s horrible. And it’s nothing to joke around about. So yeah, my chicken has a broken fibula.”

She further shared that the sink may not be the best idea for Sinky to recover since she needs to be outside of her home. She admitted saying that the sink “is not the best place for her.”

Before the Friday update of the broken fibula, DeGeneres shared a Thursday picture ahead of the veterinarian appointment, revealing Sinky’s name that she and her wife kept. She joked, “I know it’s a stupid name. You can blame Steve Carell for that,” adding, “He named her.”

The Thursday update on Sinky continued with the comedian sharing that it was doing okay and ingesting food. In a video, all the care packages of the chicken were shown, with Ellen demonstrating, “There’s her food down there and some water for her. We put a nesting box in case she does want to lay an egg,” adding, “We are covering everything with towels so that it’s not slippery in case she wants to jump up.”

After this, she even showed a closeup of the injury. Additionally, after the surgery on Friday, she shared that her cat, Monkey was attentive to Sinky. She stated, “Monkey was outside the door constantly wondering how Sinky was and wanting to help,” adding, “Anyway, I’ll keep you updated. But broken fibula. I don’t know how she did it. But she’s healing, she’ll be okay.”