Emily in Paris Season 3 is not coming to Netflix in June 2022

Emily in Paris Season 3
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When is Emily in Paris Season 3 coming to Netflix? Read on to find out.

Picture this. You have returned from the office, drained out of energy, sitting lazily on the couch and thinking of what to watch. This is when romantic series or movies come to your rescue. No action, no mini heart attacks, just a simple love story, or maybe even a complicated one, with a lot of feel-good moments. Sounds like a perfect match after a tiring day?

And when one talks about binge-watching and Netflix, there’s no way you can not think of Emily in Paris. Set and filmed in Paris, Emily in Paris is an American comedy-drama created by Darren Star starring Lily Collins as the eponymous Emily who after landing her dream job in Paris, as a Chicago marketing executive embraces her adventurous new life and juggles work, friends, romance, and experiencing a culture clash with her Midwestern US upbringing

Such an amazing package of adventure, drama, and love. Isn’t it? So, if you have binge-watched the last two seasons, you must be wondering about the status of Emily in Paris Season 3.

Emily in Paris Season 3

So, here is everything you need to know about Emily in Paris Season 3. 

Is Emily in Paris Season 3 coming to Netflix in June 2022?

Unfortunately, no. As the series wasn’t included in the list of Netflix June releases, it’s clear that Emily won’t be returning to our screen at least this month.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date

While there’s no official announcement as to when will Emily in Paris Season 3 will release, we can expect the series to come out in 2023 at the earliest. However, given that Season 3 was renewed on January 10, 2022, along with an exciting announcement giving a green light to Season 4 as well, it’s too early to ask for a release date.

Sharing the excitement of renewal, the star, Lilly Collins wrote on her Instagram, “Woke up early to give you some VERY exciting news… @emilyinparis is back for Season 3 … AND wait for it !!!! Love or hate this announcement outfit but she’d be screaming either way . Truly love you all, thanks so much for the incredible support. Seriously cannot wait fir more. Merci Beau Coup!!…”


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What to expect in Emily In Paris Season 3?

At the end of Season 2, Emily had to take a tough decision either embrace life in Paris or keep her toes to her big job opportunity in Chicago.

And as the end of the story was left on a cliffhanger so a lot of drama and twists and turns can be expected as Season 2 would place characters outside Paris, exploring areas of France. In an interview with Variety, series creator and executive producer Darren Star said, “We’re always thinking about how we can show Paris,” Star said.

“It’s not hard to make Paris look amazing, because it is, from wherever you look or wherever you point the camera. We will always want the story to drive locations. but we have some some really beautiful locations lined up for season three in France, not just in Paris,” Star added.

Emily in Paris Season 3

Emily in Paris Season 3 Cast

While not much has been revealed about Emily in Paris Season 3 yet, one thing is for sure leading lady Lily Collins will definitely be back!

At the end of Season 2, Emily was stuck in a love triangle as Alfie shared his feelings for Emily. We hope Alfie sticks around even if it complicates Emily’s life.

In an interview with Glamour, Star said, “This does not mean end of Alfie. I mean it’s like, sometimes you look at a relationship that you think is the one, and you realize that one might be someone else. So, I don’t believe that … certainly, for me, the door is open for Emily and Alfie.”

Emily In Paris season 3

This makes it clear that Alfie, played by Lucien Laviscount, would be back for Emily in Paris Season 3.

Also, the following cast, most likely, will be reprising their role.

Ashley Park as Mindy

Lucas as Gabriel

Camille as Camille Razat

However, all these are just speculations until we receive an official announcement from the creators or Netflix.

How many episodes will be there in Emily in Paris Season 3?

Both Season 1 and 2 have 10 episodes each, so we can expect Season 3 to follow the same format and have 10 episodes unless the makers decide to surprise us by breaking the monotony.

Where to watch Emily in Paris?

Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix and Season 3 will be aired on the same platform.