Emily in Paris Season 3 is not coming to Netflix in November

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Read on to find out when is Emily in Paris Season 3 dropping on Netflix.

Very few shows in the history of Netflix have been able to garner a certain idiosyncratic name and brand, which remains steadily unparalleled over time. One of them is Emily in Paris, a Netflix romantic-comedy show that has been successful in creating its idyllic fashion world, with all its croissants, Louvre-Paris, coutures, and whatnot.

Its first two seasons have become a must-watch for all Netflix subscribers to such an extent that if you fail to do so, you’ll not be able to escape the harsh criticism and side glances of all those who have watched it. If you belong to the latter group, then the wait for Emily in Paris season 3 must be killing you. But don’t worry. We were able to create a comprehensive run-down of the Netflix romantic comedy that will be very helpful to you.

Emily in Paris Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is the release date of Emily in Paris Season 3?

According to Collider, Emily in Paris season 3 is scheduled to hit the Netflix library on December 21, 2022. The release date of this ‘fashion show’ (if we may) is quite strategic considering the holidays are nearer to it than ever, so you can watch it with your friends and family without fail.

Here’s a fun fact about Emily in Paris that only a handful might be aware of. Emily in Paris was not originally a Netflix entity; it was originally developed for Paramount Network in 2018. Fortunately, they ordered the show for a straight-to-series order, which consequently led it to be a part of the Netflix library.

What can we expect to happen in Emily in Paris Season 3?

Emily in Paris Season 3

*Spoiler alert*

Season 2 finale of Emily in Paris ended on a big cliffhanger: will Emily choose to stay with Madeline (Kate Walsh), or will she join the rival firm of Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu)? But we all know that if Emily in Paris season 3 has to happen, Emily has to stay in Paris. So, we expect Emily to be a part of Savoir; but you never know 😉

On the romantic front, Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) suggested a long-distance relationship by the end of the second season. How is that going to work with Gabrielle (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat) back together as neighbors of Emily? Only season 3 can tell us.

Although we are nearing the release date of Emily in Paris season 3, the wait seems interminable.

Who is the cast of Emily in Paris Season 3?

Emily in Paris Season 3

The following list includes the confirmed cast members that will be a part of Emily in Paris season 3:

  • Lily Collins as Emily
  • Ashley Park as Mindy Chen
  • Camille Razat as Camille
  • Lucas Bravo as Gabriel
  • Lucien Laviscount as Alfie
  • Samuel Arnold as Julien
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie
  • Bruno Gouery as Puc

For all those who are Team Alfie, we have some good news for you. Laviscount, who reprises the role of Alfie, has been upgraded to a series regular.

Is there a trailer for Emily in Paris Season 3?

Netflix hasn’t dropped any official trailer for Emily in Paris season 3 as of yet. However, it has released a date announcement teaser in which we can see Emily is still in Paris and is cutting herself some bangs. She says, “They’re just bangs. Sometimes people cut bangs when everything is fine.” Take a look at the teaser below:

Emily in Paris Season 3 | Date Announcement Teaser | Netflix

In addition to the teaser, Netflix also released the first set of promotional images for the new season on September 22nd, which gave birth to a slew of suspicions in the minds of the fans.

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