Emily in Paris Season 3: What we know so far

Emily in Paris Season 3
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We all dream of being in the city where love dwells and the shining Eiffel Tower resides. But what if we are sent to this city and are unable to fit in? What if it’s a dream job that gets you there but ends up taking away all? Or can it give you the ability to adjust and rebuild? The case will be different for everyone, of course. However, for Emily, who went to Paris, things didn’t quite turn out the way she wanted and it wasn’t dreamy, at all.

We think it’s enough evidence to prove that we are talking about Emily in Paris, a show that has hit Netflix’s top charts and created a fandom of its own. After two successful seasons, the question remains whether we will get to see Emily in Paris Season 3?

So, here is everything we know so far about Emily in Paris Season 3.

Emily in Paris Season 3

Will there be a Season 3 of Emily In Paris?

It’s official. Emily in Paris Season 3 has been renewed, and the confirmation came in the form of an official announcement by Netflix. This is not all. Emily in Paris Season 4 is also coming. So, that’s double good news.


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Even, Lily Collins, who plays Emily, took to Instagram to share the good news with her fans that Emily in Paris Season 3 is officially renewed, and for all the good reasons.

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Emily in Paris Season 3 Release Date

Since it wasn’t long ago that the show got renewed, it’s too early to ask for a release date. However, if we are to predict a date, it wouldn’t be before late this year, given that Season 2 also premiered on Christmas 2021.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Expected Plot

*Spoilers Ahead*

Emily in Paris Season 3

Season 2 ended with Emily finding out someone else will take over Savior, and she decided to shift back to Chicago after her breakup with Gabriel and messed up relations with her friends, including Gabriel’s ex-girlfriend. But she now chooses to stay back in Paris for her newfound love interest and navigate past this new boss of hers.

Season 3 might focus on the new hardships that come in the way of our lovely, honest, and hardworking Emily. Her love life might also be explored in detail in the new season. But one thing is for sure Emily in Paris Season 3 will be packed with excitement and maybe a tear-jerker moment or two.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Cast

We expect the core cast to remain the same.

  • Lily as Emily
  • Gabriel is played by Lucas Bravo 
  • Park is played by Mindy
  • Razat is played by Camille 
  • Leroy-Beaulieu is played by Sylvie
  • Julian is played by Samuel Arnold
  •  Luc is played by Bruno Gouery

Emily in Paris Recap

Emily in Paris Season 3

The first two seasons track the journey of Emily being a youngster, free, lost, happy, wanting, and ready to take risks. Emily is a diligent worker at her marketing firm. In a merger, she is sent to Paris as a representative from America. Initially, she believed that her tricks of sailing through the situations would help her settle in Paris, but to her horror, they actually worked against her.

The native colleagues in her team felt she was a workaholic and did not know how to enjoy life at all. They were the kind who could smoke and wait till work was assigned to them, but Emily was different. She wins the hearts in her workspace by giving unique ideas about female branding and products. She soon adapted to the methods and made new friends.

However, not everything was fine in Emily’s life. Her love life was messed up after her breakup with the one long-distance lover she had back in Chicago who denied shifting to Paris. But she found love again and was now was attracted to a very handsome Gabriel who was dating Emily’s friend. We see how she navigates through all this even after getting fired after putting out an ad that attracts legal attention.

Emily in Paris Season 3How many episodes are there in Emily in Paris?

There are 10 episodes each per season with a runtime of 30 to 40 minutes per episode.

Where to watch Emily in Paris?

Emily in Paris Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix. 

So, binge-watch Season 1 and 2, if you haven’t already, until you patiently wait to see how Emily navigates through the hardships in her life in Emily in Paris Season 3.