Emily in Paris Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in October

Emily in Paris Season 4: Will we get new updates in August?
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Who cannot be addicted to this visually aesthetic and emotionally evocative Lily Collins-starrer? A Netflix gem, Emily in Paris has got everyone enthralled with its sheer glamorization of the Parisienne chick lifestyle. The third season of this Darren-Starr romantic comedy did not leave any stone unturned with its exploration of relationship fiascos, office adventures, and glittering sartorial couture.

Renewed for the fourth season back in early 2022, fans are wondering about the future of Emily Cooper in Paris. Or Rome, perhaps? The last they got to see of her life was back on December 21, 2022. In a few months, it would be one whole year of no information about this titular character.

Is Emily in Paris Season 4 canceled?

However, this expected delay was caused by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes which postponed the production schedules of all Hollywood shows and movies indefinitely, including Emily in Paris season 4. But now that the writers’ union officially announced the end of their strike on September 27, fans are anticipating for this Darren-Starr romantic comedy to arrive on Netflix soon. Does this mean that it will arrive in October?

That’s too soon!

Emily in Paris Season 4: When will it arrive on Netflix?

At the time of writing this article, Netflix has not officially announced any release date for Emily in Paris season 4. However, with the WGA strike over and the SAG-AFTRA strike resuming its negotiations with the studios, everyone is expecting the fourth installment to arrive on the streaming giant as soon as possible.

Per Variety, season 4 of Netflix’s Emily in Paris is “scheduled to start shooting in January in the French capital ahead of the Olympic games.” Owing to the exorbitant sports celebration in this French capital, shooting of all shows has been barred from June to September.

Emily in Paris Season 4: Will we get new updates in August?

Per the reports, Emily in Paris season 4 was supposed to shoot at the Cité du Cinema studios, following in the footsteps of its three predecessors. However, Cité du Cinema has been booked for the Olympic Games starting in mid-November. Consequently, the shooting will begin at the nearby Studios Monjoie. 

With the writers’ strike just ending, the scripts for the upcoming installment have not been finalized. At the recent Tudum event, Collins shared an exciting update on the fourth season, mentioning that Emily might find herself in Rome as well. Consequently, we expect the fourth season to also take place in Rome, Italy. 

If the fourth season begins production in early 2024, we can expect it to arrive on Netflix by early 2025. 

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