Erin Napier shares love story with husband Ben Napier on Instagram “Love Week”

Erin Ben Napier Anniversary
Credit: Erin Napier Instagram

Erin Napier and husband Ben Napier’s love story is straight out of a romance novel.

Upon the date of their 19th wedding anniversary, Home Town TV host Erin lets her fans in on how she was already taken with her husband before they were involved together. She said of a college sweetheart named Charlie, who she dated, “I was dating him because he looked a little bit like Ben Napier, this guy I had a crush on.”

This peculiar confession is sourced from her recent Instagram post, which was born out of years of tradition. “Love Week,” a week-long of social media posts proclaiming their love for each other on the occasion of their yearly anniversary, is the tradition they stick to, with eager fans waiting.


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Erin began her Instagram carousel with a photo of herself holding a typed love letter from her HGTV co-star husband, Ben, on her Friday post. In the letter, the 40-year-old admitted to being sure about Erin by “December 8th” when he skipped out on a trip to New Orleans with his friends because “cheese sticks from Sonic and talking in your Beetle sounded better.”

Once we swipe left, we see Erin’s version of the story. She revealed that Ben was akin to copious amounts of attention from “various cheerleaders and dance team girls” and that she “felt like I was living in She’s All That and he was being nice to me on a bet.” However, she soon learned that her husband, “Big Ben,” was serious about getting to know her better. For starters, she was flummoxed at him knowing her full name and then inviting her to dine with him in the student union.

Per People, ‘Erin continued her story, she said on Dec. 8, 2004, she and Ben met up so she could take his yearbook pictures. Although he “looked like Robert Goulet on SNL,” she was thrilled at the thought of spending time with the big man on campus.’ She wrote, “At one point once we were alone, while I was interviewing him, he leaned in closer to me — he smelled so nice and I noticed how exactly straight his teeth were,” adding, adding how her “heart raced” when he apparently leaned in for a kiss. She explained her reasoning, saying, “I denied it obviously, because you can’t fall in love and kiss someone 12 hours after meeting them can you?”

The TV host concluded her “Love Week” post that despite turning down Ben’s kiss, he still offered to go on a drive together. A fan commented on the post, “This is my favorite week on social media,” while another said that two had a love story “worthy of a Hallmark Movie adaptation ❤️.”

Erin and Ben share two daughters, Mae, 2, and Helen, 5.