Euphoria Season 3: When could the new season release?

Euphoria Season 2
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After Game of Thrones and House of Dragons, Euphoria is the third most-watched series in HBO history. It already has two seasons with two special episodes and now, a third sequel, Euphoria season 3 is on its way to being a banger. The HBO hit, Euphoria is one of the best teen dramas and talks about matters that nobody wants to talk about, openly. It is based on Daphna Levin and Ron Lesham’s Israeli miniseries of the same name.

The series stars Zendaya as the lead actress, she, also, is one of Euphori’s executive producers. Talking about Euphoria Season 3, the announcement is done but there is less information about the series. However, in this article, we covered whatever we know so far about the award-winning series. Read on.

Euphoria Season 3 is not coming to HBO Max in January 2023

When is Euphoria Season 3 Release Date?

For now, there’s no release date for Euphoria Season 3.

Euphoria Season 1 dropped on July 16, 2019, and season 2 was massively delayed because of Covid-19 and other production-related issues. It was first aired on January 9, 2022. Although, two special episodes of long duration than regular episodes were dropped to calm viewers’ eagerness. These episodes first aired on December 6, 2020.

Talking about Euphoria season 3, it was supposed to release somewhere in 2023 but the official sources didn’t confirm whether the production of the series is on or not. Well, Makeup department head Donni Davy said that it takes a month to shoot an episode so we’re most likely looking at a release date sometime in the first quarter of 2024. 

Euphoria Season 3 is not coming to HBO Max in January 2023

Who makes up the cast?

There are no updates regarding Euphoria Season 3 cast. But the official sources gave some hints which read that all the cast and crew of Euphoria Season 2 was called back for season 3. Therefore, it is wrong to say that  Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, Maude Apatow, Jacob Elordi, Eric Dane, Colman Domingo, and Storm Reid may be back for the sequel.

Zendaya is playing the main role of Ruby “Rue” Bennett.

Hunter Schafer is playing the role of Jules Vaughn.

Sydney Sweeney is playing the role of Cassandra “Cassie” Howard.

Alexa Demie is playing the role of Madeleine “Maddy” Perez.

Maude Apatow is playing the role of Alexandra “Lexi” Howard.

Jacob Elordi is playing the role of Nathaniel “Nate” Jacobs.

Eric Dane is playing the role of Cal Jacobs.

Colman Domingo is playing the role of  Ali Muhammed.

Storm Reid is playing the role of Georgia “Gia” Bennett.

Euphoria Season 3 is not coming to HBO Max in December 2022

However, we might not see Barbie Ferreira as Katherine “Kat” Hernandez, this time. Kat is a character who constantly tries hard to love her body. Also, she is having a hard time finding her sexuality. We might not see the beautiful actress doing the role in the 3rd sequel. In August, Barbie made an announcement through an emotional post on Instagram saying that she won’t be coming back to the series. Also, she mentions how important her role was to her and it’s disheartening for her to leave the role but she has to say Goodbye.

Are there any updates on Euphoria Season 3?

There are no teasers, trailers, posters, or no clips available from official sources. As mentioned above, even the production might not have started so we might not see any stills from the sequel until the release date comes closer. Therefore, we should wait for a few months, we might get some more information regarding the sequel. But for now, you can binge-watch Euphoria seasons 1 and 2 again and get familiar with the characters and the storyline.

Euphoria Season 3 is not coming to HBO Max in December 2022

Euphoria Season 1 and 2 Recap

Euphoria season 1 revolves around the main character, Rue, and her fellow high school friends through their experiences with relationships, trauma, identity, drugs, and a lot more. Rue is a 17-year-old student who has been struggling with a lifelong mental disorder and is trying her best to recover from drug addiction. She is also heartbroken because of her father’s death from cancer. Rue’s struggles are not only for her but her mother and her younger sister, Gia.

Rue’s ex-best friend, Lexi always tries to get closer to Rue but she has always been driven away by Rue’s self-destructive tendencies. Lexi’s older sister, Cassie is in a relationship with Christopher Mckay. She has been grappling with being abandoned by her father when she was just a kid whereas Mckay’s father always pressurizes Mckay to be a professional athlete. These tough situations create tough times between Cassie and Mckay. okay! Well, Cassie is a cheater! She is cheating on Mckay with Daniel, a scholar. Also, she gets pregnant.

Euphoria Season 3 is not coming to HBO Max in December 2022

Let’s talk about Kat Hernandez, she is under-confident in her body and eventually grows confident throughout the series. How does this happen? She discovers that being a call girl, she can make massive money. So, she started posting photos and videos for money and she went too far for this. Not only this, but she also begins dating her classmate, Ethan.

Nate Jacob, another student, is an abusive bully, using violence and anger just to mask his sexual insecurities. Also, he is in an on-off relationship with Maddy Perez. Once in their relationship break, Maddy had S*x with a boy, Taylor, in front of everyone present at a party. Because of this, Jacob gets furious and breaks into Taylor’s house and beats him near death. With all the ups and downs, at the end of season 1, every student starts realizing what was wrong.

Euphoria Season 3: Estimated release date and what to expect in the new season

Season 2 starts with more such problems such as child abuse, drug abuse, toxic relationships, toxic positivity, hookup culture, social media, sexual assault, drug dealing, mental illness, codependency, infidelity, relapsing, repressed homosexuality, human trafficking, domestic violence, dating violence, and grief are talked in depth. Teenagers in today’s era do binge watch series and these kinds of series do help teens to

Is there any official trailer available for Euphoria Season 3?

No, there’s no trailer available from the official sources of Euphoria. But, the cast and crew might update us soon for more information regarding the third sequel to Euphoria, soon.