Everything you need to know about Jhené Aiko’s 2 kids

Jhené Aiko rocking motherhood with her two kids
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It’s been a year since the popular American R&B singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko welcomed her son, Noah Hasani, with her long-term boyfriend, Big Sean. The musical duo have been together since they collaborated on their album, Twenty88, in 2016.

Initially, in July 2022, the rapper had subtly admitted to Billboard, “Jhené is more than just a friend…” Flash forward to 2023, the “Sunshine” singer is now a mother of his child. Talking about motherhood being vital in her life, the Grammy-nominated musician told CR Fashion Book in May 2017, “I would describe myself as a mother, lover, writer, and singer, but always a mother first.”

Popular for her 2015 record Sail Out, Aiko’s son with Big Sean, Noah, joins her 15-year-old daughter, Namiko Love, to whom she gave birth in 2008 when she was just 20. She shares Love with her ex O’Ryan.

Here’s a sneak peek into Jhené Aiko’s life as a mother of two children

Jhené Aiko and Namiko Love

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As previously mentioned, Aiko had Namiko, affectionately called “Nami”, when she was just 20. The singer revealed that she “never intended to have a baby so young, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed with a new focus and drive,” to CR Fashion Book.

She continued, “I knew I didn’t want a regular job, I wanted to provide a life for me and my daughter that was beyond myself.” Additionally, Aiko also opened up for presumably one of the first times in 2017 about her past relationship with O’Ryan to the outlet.

“I’m not with my daughter’s father, but I’m lucky that I have a large and supportive family who are loving and caring for my baby every day when I’m travelling on tour or away.”

While enjoying the journey of parenting her first daughter in her womb so young, Aiko shared how it helped to rediscover herself and “connect with who I was and who I wanted to be.” As a consequence, she published her first mixtape and signed a record deal with Def Jam.

However, things were not as bright as it seemed to be. In May 2022, Aiko discussed her experience with postpartum depression with PEOPLE.

“I had a child at 20 and definitely dealt with some postpartum depression and then two years after she was born, my brother passed and I definitely dealt with depression and self-medicating.”

Jhené Aiko’s affection for her late brother, Miyagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo, who was lost to cancer, was palpable when she teared up after sitting in her grandmother’s house, watching the footage filmed that day for the music video “Eternal Sunshine”, in which she reenacted the 2013 unfortunate three-car accident in which Aiko and Nami were caught, along with the singer’s sister Miyoko, and O’Ryan.

“We just watched what we did yesterday. This is the house we grew up in. It’s the house my brother passed away in… It was like I said it was all the best memories…Our best memories were here.”

She further explained to Billboard, “We reenacted the car accident that I was in. I’m ascending from my body. I basically died in this video. Miyoko and Nami, my sister and my daughter… I got them to reenact their parts. I wasn’t driving in the real accident, but for the sake of the video I am. I was in the backseat.”

Talking about the ebbs and flows of her life, Aiko shared that she intends to get better not only for herself but for her daughter.

“As she gets older, it becomes even more important for me to be well. I see her going through a lot of the same things I went through when I was her age and I let her know, it’s taken me 34 years to really learn certain techniques when I’m feeling anxious or angry,” she said.

Following her separation from O’Ryan, Aiko wed Oladipo Omishore, popularly known as Dot da Genius in 2014. Owing to “irreconcilable differences”, the couple had to file for divorce in 2016, the same year in which she was romantically associated with Big Sean for the first time.

The popular singer does not hesitate to showcase her love towards her daughter publicly as evidenced by the 2015 music video for her song, “Eternal Sunshine”, reenacting the 2013 unfortunate three-car accident in which Aiko and Nami were caught, along with the singer’s sister Miyoko, and O’Ryan. Fortunately, everyone made it.

Big Sean is also very affectionate towards Nami, showcased when he wished her birthday on his Instagram:

“Love you Nami! You’re one of the smartest, coolest people on 🌎,” he captioned a photo of him, Namiko, and her newborn brother, Noah. “My anime plug and newly big sis! This world is a much better place with you in it! Big 14!”

Jhené Aiko and Noah Hasan

The now one-year-old son of Aiko and Big Sean arrived in their lives on November 8, 2022. Aiko celebrated his birth on Instagram by sharing the photos of the newborn with her and captioning them with:

“After 24 hours of labor, a total lunar eclipse, and while it was pouring rain… he came 🥹 my baby Yoda, my Sani.”
In November 2023, Aiko and Big Sean celebrated the first year of Noah Hasan by visiting an aquarium. Aiko shared an Instagram story that revealed the baby boy fascinatedly looking at the aquatic species. The story said:

“Daddy so proud n grateful for you Son!” the rapper captioned photos on Instagram from the family outing. “We celebrating all week! Noah’s Big 1!”

The couple has decided to keep their son away from the public eye. They do share some side-face shots of him, but they have kept his face off of social media.

In July 2022, PEOPLE confirmed that the couple was pregnant, and during their L.A. Tour in October, they revealed the gender of their baby.


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