Ex Loona member Chuu’s legal battle with BlockBerryCreative escalates

The dispute over the exclusive contract between Chuu, formerly a part of LOONA, and her former agency, BlockBerryCreative, has escalated into a legal confrontation, introducing a series of lawsuits and countersuits. The situation has become more intricate, involving Chuu’s mother and bringing legal complexities to the forefront.


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Allegations and Counterclaims

The controversy began with allegations made by Chuu’s mother against BlockBerryCreative’s CEO, involving false information during the contract dispute. These allegations led to a lawsuit, but the police’s decision not to prosecute in October prompted BlockBerryCreative to file a countersuit against Chuu’s mother for making false claims.

BlockBerryCreative’s Response

In an effort to address the situation, BlockBerryCreative released a detailed statement on LOONA’s official YouTube channel community on November 24. The statement acknowledged a previously undisclosed incident during a LOONA music video shoot and clarified the circumstances surrounding it. BlockBerryCreative expressed relief as the defamation case was dismissed without charges, emphasizing their commitment to transparency.

Concerns About LOONA’s Future

Amidst the legal complexities, BlockBerryCreative reassured fans about LOONA’s ongoing activities. They clarified misconceptions about contract termination and legal proceedings, urging continued support based on sincerity and truth. While acknowledging the challenges faced, the company sought understanding from LOONA’s dedicated fanbase.

Chuu’s Journey Post-Dispute

Chuu initiated legal action in January 2022 to void her exclusive contract with BlockBerryCreative, citing trust issues and payment discrepancies. Her subsequent removal from LOONA due to reported misconduct led to the remaining members filing an injunction to terminate their contracts with the agency. Chuu joined ATRP in April 2023, resuming her K-pop activities. Recently, she unveiled her official fandom name, KKOTI, and a new lightstick, KKUKA, symbolizing protection for all KKUKA members under KKOTI’s care.

As the legal battles unfold, the K-pop community watches closely, hoping for resolution and clarity in the complex situation surrounding Chuu and LOONA.