EXCLUSIVE: 6 Simple skin and hair care tips for Holi

skin and hair care
Credits: Pexels

The festival of Holi is round the corner and we all want to celebrate the festival with zeal and zest; however, the dreaded thoughts of the possible harm on your skin and hair come in the way of joy and fervor. Unfortunately, quite a large number of people suffer from skin and hair-related issues post-Holi.

Be it organic or any other color that assures us about not so harmful elements, indeed we know that colors are deleterious for our skin and so, many wonder what can be done to stave off the harmful effects and enjoy without any fear with little preparedness. Most of the colors including dry gulaal and wet colors contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals that can cause irritation and harm your skin.

The colors can make our skin dry, dull, fragile and lead to acne and breakouts too.

Neha S. Arora, Director, Auriga Research, lists 6 simple skin and hair care tips that will come in handy for Holi.

Break your regular skincare regime

The smart way is to start your healthy skin routine before the festival. Stop depigmenting cream, exfoliating creams, waxing, threading facial, or any skin treatment in this period to avoid a skin reaction.

The magical ice cubes

skin and hair care mistakes

Rubbing an ice cube on your face for just 10 minutes can be miraculous for your skin as it closes the pores of your skin and prevents the harmful colors from penetrating through and causing outbursts.

Coating your nails

skin and hair care mistakes

We tend to ignore our nails, especially toenails. Once the colors settle down on your nails it becomes difficult to remove them. Trim your nails properly and apply a good amount of sunscreen or Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on them. You can also apply a coat of transparent nail color to create a protective shield.

You forget the sunscreen

skin and hair care mistakes

Applying sunscreen with high SPF is crucial for your skincare as we celebrate the festival of colors outdoors. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your neck, elbows, feet, and even ears. Apply a waterproof sunscreen to prevent damage from UV rays and colors. Apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out.  Let the sunscreen absorb for a few minutes and then apply a layer of moisturizers and body oil, be it almond oil or coconut oil. The idea is to create a thin layer on your skin and prevent the harmful colors from seeping in. 

A hydrating  moisturizer is crucial

Use a good amount of moisturizer to create a layer on your face and body. This creates a barrier between your skin and chemicals on the outer layer of your skin. Besides, it helps to remove the color without much hassle and keeps your skin hydrated during Holi.

Don’t forget your lips

skin and hair care mistakes

We usually apply moisturizer and sunscreen on our face and body but tend to ignore our lips?  The skin on our lips is highly sensitive so it requires immense care. Apply 4-5 coats of a hydrating lip balm, especially one that has SPF in it.

Oil your hair properly and don’t leave them open

skin and hair care mistakes

Let’s not go by reels and think practically in real life. It might be fascinating to see those actresses play Holi with their untied gleaming lustrous hair but think about the consequences. Of course, you will be left with messy hair and a smeared scalp. So it’s better to oil your hair right from the root to the tip and tie a neat braid or cover them properly.

Apply oils and moisturizers on ignored areas

Don’t forget to apply oil or moisturizers behind your ears between your fingers where colors gravitate the most this will make your skin greasy and prevent the colors from seeping in.  Apply petroleum jelly on your lips around the eyes and eyelashes to prevent the harmful effect of colors on these sensitive areas.

To cap it all, the idea is to enjoy the festival to its fullest and minimize the damage caused by colors on our skin. So, shrug off all your worries and celebrate this Holi with a few do’s and don’ts to rejoice in the flawless, vibrant, and healthy skin and hair even after the festival. As the old adage goes, Prevention is better than cure! Happy Holi!