Ezra Miller in fresh trouble as cops fail to locate mother and children staying at his farm

Ezra Miller
Credit: Instagram

The Flash actor Ezra Miller has landed in fresh trouble amid all the ongoing controversies revolving around him for the past few weeks. The latest reports state that a young mother and her three children were allegedly living with Miller at his Vermont farm. However, they are said to be reportedly missing. Vermont State Police is currently looking for a 25-year-old woman and her kids, who are aged five, four, and one year as reported by Rolling Stone.

Accusations against Miller

The report has further stated that the police believe Ezra Miller may be concealing the whereabouts of the woman and her children. Rolling Stone further reports that it has received court documents that show the Vermont State Police said they attempted at least twice over the weekend to serve the mother an emergency care order as requested by the State Attorney’s office. The office also demanded the youngster’s removal from the property and the mother’s care.

The police further revealed that Ezra Miller informed the cops that the family hadn’t lived at the place for months. Now, the State Attorney’s office has said that it seemed like an attempt on Miller’s side to evade service of the order. It is also revealed that during one of the visits to locate the family on the Vermont farm, Miller was charged with felony burglary for allegedly stealing bottles of alcohol.

The burglary case

The Flash star was reportedly charged with felony burglary in Vermont. As per a report by Variety, the Vermont State Police got notified about a burglary complaint from a residence situated in Stamford on May 1, 2022. Reportedly, several bottles of alcohol were taken from the said residence that got robbed.

As per Variety’s report, the police collected multiple statements and looked at surveillance videos, after which they found probable cause to charge Ezra Miller with felony burglary into the unoccupied dwelling. The police located the actor and issued a citation on August 7, 2022, to appear in the Vermont Superior Court on September 26, 2022. Earlier reports also stated that the actor had alleged housed a 25-year-old mother and her children at their ranch situated in Stamford.

Other controversies

Ezra Miller’s other criminal controversies include two arrests of the actor in Hawaii, one for harassment and disorderly conduct and another one for a second-degree assault. The series of incidents has led the fans to call for the actor’s removal from the DCEU film The Flash.