Fake video of BLACKPINK’s Lisa from Crazy Horse Paris goes viral

crazy horse paris lisa

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, after her widely talked-about cabaret debut at Crazy Horse Paris in September, now faces a new wave of trouble. Recently, the internet witnessed the emergence of fake videos portraying Lisa allegedly from her Crazy Horse Paris performance. These manipulated videos employ deep fake technology, raising concerns among fans and prompting calls for legal action against the misleading content.

Deceptive Deep Fake Tactics

The fake videos circulating online claim to showcase Lisa’s performance at Crazy Horse Paris, blending her image into an old performance at the cabaret. It is essential to note that Crazy Horse Paris strictly enforces a no-gadget policy during performances, ensuring no recording or photography by the audience. The emergence of a video purportedly from Lisa’s cabaret debut challenges the authenticity of the content and raises questions about the motives behind such deceptive, deep fake tactics.

Lisa’s fans are rallying against the fake videos, expressing concern over potential damage to Lisa’s reputation. Given the strict policies at Crazy Horse Paris, the leaked video is deemed false by fans who admired Lisa’s strength, confidence, and performance outfits during her cabaret debut. The fan community is urging legal measures to address the dissemination of misleading information and safeguard Lisa’s image from unwarranted controversies.

BLACKPINK’s Future and Recent Activities

While Lisa faces these challenges, the future of BLACKPINK as a group remains uncertain, with no official confirmation of contract renewals with YG Entertainment. Speculations about the group’s continuation with a different agency or a possible disbandment continue to circulate. The group’s last performance was during the conclusion of their highly successful Born Pink world tour.

In other BLACKPINK updates, Jennie delighted fans with the release of her single “You & Me” in October. The song garnered appreciation not only from fans but also from fellow K-pop idol Jisoo. Additionally, Rosé surprised fans with the announcement of “2024 Season’s Greetings,” featuring her dog Hank, set for release in December.

As the controversy surrounding Lisa’s deep fake videos unfolds, fans remain vigilant in their support for the idol, emphasizing the need for accurate representation and protecting Lisa from baseless accusations.