Family Law Season 3: All you need to know

Family Law Season 2
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What happens when you are good at your work but have some bad habits that cannot be tolerated? What would you do if your employee were great at their work but full of crooked habits? With shows like Lincoln Lawyer and Suits, the field of legal drama has been emerging. We see new concepts that want to educate and inform us by providing the right kind of entertainment.

Though sometimes exaggerated, these shows give us simulations of courtrooms and real-life cases to delve into the human psyche a bit better. But this is America and the UK. One such show that shaped the Canadian industry was Family Law. Airing since 2021 with an IMDb rating of 7.2/10, this show has given fans one word to remember: ‘Wow.’

Now that season 2 is wrapping up, fans are already wondering if there is a season 3. In case that is your concern, read on to learn what we know about Family Law Season 3.

Will there be a Family Law Season 3?

Family Law Season 2 5
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While the second season is still underway, the show was taken over by CW Network. In the process of handover from Global to CW Network, a lot of things changed. For starters, the show is renewed for a season 3 in 2022, and the show already began airing in Australia earlier this year. However, the entire show will come to CW Network in 2024, and only after the Canadian release will it be sent to audiences worldwide. So there is going to be a season 3.

Expected Release Date of Family Law Season 3:

Family Law Season 2 8
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Family Law Season 3 has already begun airing in Australia, one episode at a time, but CW Network shall wait till 2024, when all episodes are aired, make changes based on feedback, and then air it worldwide along with Canada. So, we are not expecting Family Law Season 3 before 2024.

Cast of Family Law Season 3:

Family Law Season 2
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  • Jewel Staite as Abigail Bianchi
  • Bobbi Charlton as Jerri Rifkin
  • Zach Smadu as Daniel Svensson
  • Victor Garber as Harry Svensson
  • Genelle Williams as Luct Svensson
  • Lauren Holly as Joanne Kowalski
  • Eden Gilmore as Sofia Bianchi
  • Luke Camilleri as Frank Bianchi

Is there a trailer for Family Law Season 3?

Family Law | Seizoen 3 | Trailer | Serie | Streamz

Yes. For its release in Australia, Streamz network has given us a trailer that sees Abigail and her journey in the field of law and how she is personally and professionally. Without disclosing more, do watch the trailer to find out for yourself. The show will have 10 episodes of 45 minutes each.

Expected plot of Family Law Season 3:

'Family Law' Season 2 Extended Trailer | New Season Monday May 22

Season 3 continues with the dramas of season two, where, as a part of the new firm, she’s still adjusting, trying to give up her drinking, as well as finding out about her estranged father and mother along with her step, half brothers and sisters, puts her in a turmoil. But she is very good at her work and headstrong. She’s ready to go against the family that runs that organization to prove her point, as well as has great competitors as well. It shows the complex family status along with the kinds of cases she’s fighting and how being a successful woman in the legal field is still very gendered and stereotyped. Do watch seasons 2 and 3 trailers to know where the show will pick from.

Recap of Family Law season 1 and 2:

Family Law Global Extended Trailer

This show centers around the protagonist, who is a high-paid lawyer for personal injuries. She is herself injured metaphorically because she, in her personal life, is very good at blaming others because of her own problems. When Abby’s husband kicks her out, scared because of her constant drinking, he thinks she gets unbearable and is very difficult to handle.

He also removes her from the family home. As a by-product, she shows up, is drunk in the court, and gets punishment. She is not just suspended but also fined and is only allowed to practice if there is any other senior lawyer who wants to give her a chance. Here is when, because of her circumstances, she is pushed into another firm called AA, where Harry is the only one who trusts her and is ready to take that risk. He has a family of lawyers who are competing to get the highest chair, and when Abby goes there, she is great at her job, and therefore, there is a new drama that starts to unfold. The three seasons are going to follow her journey personally as well as professionally.
It shows the different kinds of cases she fights, how she is as a lawyer, and how she’s on her personal track.

Where to watch Family Law Season 3?

Family Law Season 2 7
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The show can be accessed on the following platforms with a subscription,

  • CW Network
  • CW Seed
  • Spectrum
  • Amazon Prime Video
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