Fans convinced Anna Wintour snubbed Kim Kardashian by switching seats at Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week Show

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Daily Mail Online/Twitter

Videos and rumors circulate at a faster rate than forests catch fire in this modern era of dopamine-dominated society that is always clacking away at the keypads on their phones or mindlessly scrolling and sharing news, that may not even be true. It is all a game of Chinese whispers that ends up being something completely different from what started. In the celebrity world, this process is magnified!

Paris Fashion Week witnessed a Victoria Beckham Fashion show where esteemed A-list designers and celebrities were attending the ramp showcase of the collection. Among them were Kim Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner, and legendary designer Anna Wintour, who reportedly has had close ties with the Kardashian family. Fans were adamant in believing that Anna Wintour was blatantly ignoring the 42-year-old Kardashian upon her arrival and even switched seats to sit next to David Beckham, whose wife’s show was being attended.

However, before this public speculation got out of hand, Page Six shut shown the rumors through cold hard evidence that nothing of the sort ever took place. A video circulating online was brought to attention where the Skims founder was seen sitting alongside the 73-year-old Vogue Editor-in-Chief throughout the fashion show.

Fans assumed through a video that Wintour seemingly ignored the 42-year-old entrepreneur by turning her head on the side of Beckham who was seated to the other side of her. She was shown crossing her arms and looking, well, cross! This speculation was solidified when another video showed Kardashian seated next to the retired soccer player with Wintour nowhere in sight. Adding to this the Skims founder donned a pink silk gown and was reported to mouth the words, “I feel so bad,” to Beckham in the video, however, there wasn’t any actual audio to confirm this statement.

Social media onlookers were quick to shower opinions on this with Tweets with one tweeting, “Anna moved seats?,” another one said, “Oh Anna was PISSED,” a third saying, “oh anna was PISSED,” while a fourth troll wrote, “Oh Kimberly better fix that connection with Anna,” and another one saying, ” Anna said lemme move child.”

With these trolls and tweets getting out of hand, Page Six was quick to shut down these rumors and reported that both Kardashian joined by her mother Jenner, and her boyfriend Corey Gamble were all seated next to Wintour throughout the fashion show. Not just this, they were photographed saying their goodbyes in a heartwarming gesture.

Last year September, according to Page Six,  the 73-year-old designer was seen giving Kardashian the cold shoulder at Fendi’s New York Fashion Week show, where Wintour was seen going up to Sarah Jessica Parker and greeting her who was seated right beside the CEO. However, when Kardashian greeted her, Wintour ignored her right there. Another claim that seems to prove their rocky relationship is when the editor once banned Kardashian from attending the 2012 Met Gala, with one insider claiming at the time, “Anna hates Kim.”

However, such claims have been reversed since then with the TV personality attending several Met Galas with iconic looks and being featured on the American Vogue cover three times.

Page Six reports that Wintour even spoke highly of Kardashian in 2019, telling her magazine, “I personally admire the way that she’s become a little more minimal in the way she’s dressing, and a little more covered.” Adding to this, “You have to admire how [the Kardashians have] created an empire through their personalities, and the creative genius of their mother.”

There may have been beef before, but from a present standpoint, we can confirm that there was no shade thrown!