Jenna Ortega quits ‘Scream VII’ amidst Melissa Barrera’s dismissal

Jenna Ortega
Credit: Jenna Ortega Instagram

The future of the Scream franchise seems uncertain due to the dismissal of Melissa Barrera and the quitting of Jenna Ortega.

Meaww reports via several sources that Ortega is quitting the Scream VII movie due to scheduling conflicts with Netflix’s Wednesday Season 2. The popular series’ schedule was planned months before the SAG AFTRA strike broke out. Nevertheless, the release dates for season 2 are yet to be confirmed.

In addition to these projects, Ortega’s presence has been requested to finish up the filming of Tim Burton’s ‘Beetlejuice 2,’ which was also interrupted by the strikes.

On the flip side, Melissa Barrera was fired from the sets of Scream VII owing to her anti-Semantic tactics reflected through her posts on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and the Gaza conflict.

For those wondering whether both the exits from the franchise are somehow related, Variety has confirmed that the two are in no way related.

Although Variety has confirmed that Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Productions’ decision to drop Barrera has no connection to Ortega’s departure, fans have not taken well to this news. One fan wrote, “Oh it’s over for them,” while another stated, “Spyglass and Paramount have destroyed the Scream franchise. They should be ashamed. Proud of Jenna for standing up for what she believes in, same with Melissa!”

A third wrote, “Amazing news. Spyglass killed their own IP,” while a fourth stated, “Scream 7 gonna be the first film to make $0.”

Another user notes, “Put a pin in it. It is done. This news has tanked the franchise. As I said yesterday, McCarthyism has returned to Hollywood, and now it’s good that actors are using their power to stand up to it. Jenna doesn’t need SCREAM, it needs her.”

A fan also wrote, “This is so brave of her. Boycott scream 7,” while another chimed in, “We will not be watching.”

While most expressed their distaste through write-ups, a few expressed their disappointment through GIFs.