‘Fargo’ creator Noah Hawley hints at future seasons: “Why wouldn’t I keep going?”

Creator Noah Hawley is planning beyond Fargo season 5
Credits: FX

All set to premiere for the fifth season on November 21, 2023, Fargo will return to FX after an arid gap of three years. Heavily influenced by the Coen Brothers’ work, television writer-producer Noah Hawley seems to pay homage to the siblings and their filmmaking genius, according to Collider, by creating such an enthralling series enmeshed with deceit, crime, and thrill. Enjoying a thorough four-season run, this crime noir is all set to fascinate the audience this November.

In fact, it seems that the creator wishes to continue enthralling the audience in the coming years. In conversation with Deadline, the winner of the six Primetime Emmy-winning series gave a nod when asked if more seasons are in store for Fargo. The creator said, “I mean, who are we kidding? I’d be lying if I said this is not the most fun I have in my year making this show.”

He further added, “I haven’t run out of ways to tell these stories. Why wouldn’t I keep going?” In addition, the outlet also sheds light on EP Steve Stark’s comments on the future of Fargo and the possible timelines that the upcoming seasons could underscore.

He said, “We’ve covered every decade except the ’60s and the ’90s. So maybe the 60s and 90s.” He later added that “the ‘80s” is also a possibility. He jocosely remarked, “We’ll do our Stranger Things crossover.”

Fargo follows the lives of a plethora of characters who have committed crimes in different decades. However, the string of seemingly unconnected events eventually leads up to the town of Fargo, North Dakota. A similar pattern is expected to be followed in the upcoming fifth season, which is set in the Upper Midwest. However, as per the reports, the upcoming installment of Fargo will prioritize kidnapping over murders, bringing the story closer to our contemporaneous time.

Fargo season 5 plot details

Fargo Season 5: Release date, plot, cast, episodes, teaser trailer and other details
Credit: The FX Network

The official synopsis of Fargo season 5 reads:

“Fargo has traveled through decades, cities and families, and the fifth instalment will be no different: Set in 2019, when is a kidnapping, not a kidnapping, and what if your wife isn’t yours?”

The upcoming installment of this crime noir will predominantly follow Jon Hamm’s Roy Tillman, who is trying to probe into the life of a seemingly ordinary housewife, Dorothy “Dot” Lyon (portrayed by Juno Temple). Excited about this new mission of chasing a perpetrator, Tillman needs to ponder over the strained relationship with his son Gator (Joe Kerry), who looks up to his father but at the same time is unable to meet his expectations.

In addition, Collider reveals that the Sheriff shares a friendship with a drifter called “Ole Munch” (played by Sam Spurell). Dot tries to keep her past under wraps and prevents her family from finding out. Her husband Wayne (David Rysdahl) loves her exceedingly, as a result of which he takes the help of his mother, Lorraine Lyon (Jennifer Jason Leigh), the CEO of Debt Collection Agency.

Caught in such a dire situation, with nowhere else to go, Dot holds her mother-in-law’s extended hand, and she puts her advisor (Dave Foley) on the case. Weaving intriguing storylines, compelling characters and dark humor in its characteristic manner, the fifth season will underscore a wanted woman on the loose.

Fargo season 5 trailer

The first official teaser for Fargo season 5 has been dropped and it provides the fans with a sneak peek into the central character of the season played by Juno Temple.

Fargo | Installment 5 Teaser - Dot Lyon (Juno Temple) is a Homemaker | FX

On September 26, a second teaser for Fargo season 5 was released, underscoring Jon Hamm’s new character, described as the “New Cowboy in Town.”

Fargo | Installment 5 Teaser - There's a New Cowboy in Town (Jon Hamm) | FX

Dropping a 30-second teaser on October 2, the third season threw a spotlight on Joe Keery’s character, Gator.

Before releasing an official Fargo season 5 trailer on October 25, a Halloween-themed teaser was released on October 23.

Fargo Season 5 Trailer

Fargo season 5 cast

Following season 5’s renewal, Jon Hamm, Juno Temple, and Jennifer Jason Leigh were confirmed to be cast in June 2022 as key characters playing Sheriff Roy Tilman, Dorothy “Dot” Lyon, and billionaire Lorraine Lyon, respectively. In addition to these, Dave Foley will star as Danish Graves, an advisor to Lorraine, Keery as Gator Tilman, Morris as Witt Farr, Moorjani as Indira Olmstead, Gage as Lars Olmstead, Rysdahl as Wayne Lyon, Spruell as Ole Munch, Pohly as Agent Meyer and Gomez as Agent Joaquin.

Fargo season 5 episode count

Per IMDb, the fifth season of Fargo will constitute 10 episodes. The first three seasons of the black comedy constituted 10 episodes, while the fourth streamed 11. It only makes sense for the fifth season to follow the standard format of 10 episodes.

Fargo is directed, produced, and written by Noah Hawley, who is, as mentioned previously, greatly inspired by the Coen Brothers’ eponymous 199 crime film. This crime noir is his television directorial debut. Apart from this series, Hawley has written for FOX’s Bones and created, written, and produced select episodes of The Unusuals and My Generation. He also created the superhero series Legion.

The 2019 psychological thriller Lucy in the Sky was his feature directorial debut. He serves as one of the executive producers for Fargo, along with Joel and Ethan Coen. Fargo season 4 was executive produced by Warren Littlefield, Adam Bernstein, Geyer Kosinski, John Cameron, and Leslie Cowan. Kim Todd, Chad Oakes, Michael Frislev, and Erik Holmberg serve as the producers of Fargo season 4.