Father of four dies after being ejected from car and getting run over by another vehicle

Father Of Four
Credit: GoFundMe via People

Road safety measures and responsible driving cannot be stressed enough. Even so, such accidents are almost unprevented given the suddenness of the events that unfold, not giving any time for the safety reflexes to kick in.

People reported a ghastly Pennsylvania incident where a father of four tragically died in a freak accident, and his wife was seriously injured. Their  GoFundMe page described the accident, saying Travis and his wife Karson were “riding on their side-by-side” vehicle when the “horrific motor vehicle accident” occurred (obtained by People).

The state police signed a crash report, the contents of which were acquired by People. It said that the single-car crash took place around 10:45 p.m. local time on Callicoon Road in Damascus Township. The report further states that due to the impact of the crash, Travis, 32, was ‘ejected onto the roadway’ from his car, only to be struck by a 2015 Dodge Caravan that was also traveling on Callicoon Road.

The GoFundMe page reiterated the incident, saying that Travis was declared spot dead on the scene, while his wife, who was critically injured, was airlifted to a hospital, where she was immediately steered into the intensive care unit. According to organizers for the GoFundMe campaign, Parker, Natalie, Mason, and Brantley are the four children of the couple, 11 and under. Per People, the page describes Travis as “a dedicated husband, and a beloved father” who was the “sole breadwinner” of the family.

The page continues, “Travis was a hardworking, loyal, faithful, and true father and husband to his family,” adding, “He was a good friend to all in the community and was there when anyone needed help.” Incidentally, his presence as a father to his four children was noted by the organizers, who said that he was present for all his children’s soccer games and school events, they added, noting, “whatever his children needed him to be there for.” The page wrote, “The words ‘Dad’ and ‘Husband’ and ‘Trusted Friend’ personify who he was as a person.”

People reported that Karson’s brother, Fallon Quick, posted on Facebook that the family is “heartbroken and picking up the pieces” after Travis’ sudden demise. He wrote in the post, “Please keep my sister, Karson Canfield, her four beautiful children, and our family in your thoughts and prayers.”