FBI Season 5: Everything you need to know

FBI Season 5: Everything we know so far
Credits: CBS Network

Is the FBI finally returning in 2022? Continue reading to find out more about FBI Season 5.

FBI is an American crime drama television series that premiered on CBS on September 25, 2018, and was created by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk. The plots of each season are interesting and fascinating to watch. Each installment of FBI is brilliantly created and produced, and each episode story is an outstanding achievement because the mystery and suspense are both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, putting you on the edge of your seat. 

FBI Season 5: Everything we know so far

If you’ve been wondering when the FBI would be back for any more seasons then we have some exciting news for you. As, we’ve put together a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the release date, plot, and cast, so you can get excited about the next installment and be prepared before the series airs on CBS. Here’s all we know about FBI Season 5 so far.

FBI Season 5: Everything we know so far

Will there be a Season 5 of FBI?

Yes, it is official that the FBI, by the CBS network, will be returning to your TV screens for another season. In May 2022, CBS renewed the series for a fifth and sixth season. So, the fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months as it’s not just one season that got renewed this early as another installment is already in development by the studio to release on the channel.

As CBS has also renewed two other FBI dramas — FBI: International and FBI: Most Wanted, each series will have two more seasons as in the expanded franchise. The renewal announcement was shared on the official Twitter handle of the FBI, quoting, “Our cast has some fantastic news to share: #FBICBS has been renewed for Season 5 AND Season 6!  #TheFBIs” Take a look at the official post below: 

Why did CBS renew FBI: Most Wanted for Season 4?

According to Deadline, the series was already expected to return given the rating success helped the network once again win the 2021-22 season; FBI is the No. 2-rated series on broadcast, after CBS’ NCIS, FBI: International is the number two new drama of the season and FBI: Most Wanted is a top ten broadcast series.

So, this isn’t surprising given the series has been doing fairly well in terms of getting the necessary reception and audiences, allowing it to be renewed for more seasons. On the other hand, the current season of this show easily drew more than 10.29 million US viewers as of June 11. 2022. Hence, making it a huge factor that many networks do not want to lose any time soon and the fans can’t get enough of this series and beloved characters. 

FBI Season 5: Everything we know so far

“The ‘FBI’s’ are one of the most successful brands in the entire TV landscape and a powerful cornerstone of our No. 1 lineup,” said Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment. “They’ve attracted a dedicated, loyal fan base, thanks to the extraordinary vision of executive producer Dick Wolf and the talents of all three outstanding casts and creative teams. I know we and our viewers look forward to two additional seasons of engaging, heroic stories.”

“Everybody who works on these three shows is over the moon about the multi-year pickups,” said Wolf, executive producer, and “FBI” creator. “We are all incredibly grateful to CBS and our partners at Universal Television and CBS Studios. And I personally would like to thank the incredible casts, talented writers, and dedicated producers, not to mention three crews who never missed an airdate despite the difficulties of producing full seasons during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

FBI Season 5: Everything we know so far

FBI Season 5 Potential Release Date

The exact release date of FBI Season 5 is yet to be confirmed by the CBS network as of June 11, 2022. As it’s only been a month since the renewal was officially confirmed by the network on May 10, 2022.

But on the bright side, the fans are speculating that the upcoming season will not be delayed and can be released sooner than they anticipated. Just like the previous seasons, the franchise has aimed toward a release date that is scheduled by the mid or end of the year which is the fall of 2022. 

Moreover, the other franchise which is FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International have also followed a similar pattern whenever a new season is set to premiere on the channel just the time slots of the episodes differ from one another.  So, if we have to predict the release date it will be around the months of September to November by considering the pattern of the last two seasons’ release dates for the pilot episode.

Moreover, we would like to highlight that this is just speculation at this point in time. So, in the next coming months, CBS will reveal and confirm the official release dates for the new season, which fans should keep a watch on.

Take a look at some fan’s reactions to the renewal

FBI Season 5 Plot

As, viewers are aware that the series was supposed to end with 22 episodes for FBI Season 4. But due to the tragic incident of the Robb Elementary School shooting that occurred the same day, the network notified its viewers that the finale episode has been pulled from its planned airing on May 24, 2022. The episode was supposed to air on this day and now it is unclear if the episode will ever premiere in the future. 

The title of the 22nd episode of FBI Season 4 was revealed to be Prodigal Son, which is directed by Alex Chapple and written by Rick Eid. Hence, we have no confirmation as of June 11, 2022, if the network might be planning to release the finale episode anytime soon or if they have decided to end Season 4 with the penultimate episode, which is FBI Season 4 Episode 21, Kayla, released on May 17, 2022. 

FBI Season 5: Everything we know so far

So, for the time being, it is expected that FBI Season 5 will continue to explore this already established premise from the 21st episode of Season 4 and expand the storyline from the very moment the episode ended. It was estimated that the episode was viewed by 7.15 million US viewers. So, it is speculated that this already established premise will lead to the pilot episode of the upcoming season. 

The episode is directed by Alex Zakrzewski and the teleplay is written by Keith Eisner & Joe Webb.  The official synopsis of the episode states, “When a retired Drug Enforcement Administration agent is shot outside a bakery, the team works to determine if the victim’s past cases or current bouncer job are connected to the murder; Nina and Tiffany clash over the use of an informant.” Take a look at the official clip of the episode below:

FBI 4x21 Promo "Kayla" (HD)

The series is intended to resume up where it left off in terms of characters and stories as the previous episodes set the tone for the new chapter, which will see the storyline develop and expand in ways that will keep viewers interested.

Some viewers have concerns that the plot might have some potential loopholed due to the cancelation of episode 22 but it is not a major concern at the time because the show creators will definitely address and keep the flow of the series in their minds to avoid any potential loopholes in the series plot. Moreover, many of the episodes have been favorably welcomed by viewers and die-hard fans, luring people in to watch the series when it airs on television or via streaming service.

FBI Season 5: Everything we know so far

FBI Season 5 Cast

The main cast members of the series from Season 4 are expected to reprise their roles for the upcoming season to continue the tale. The names of the chargers along with the actors are listed below: 

  • Missy Peregrym as Special Agent Maggie Bell
  • Zeeko Zaki as Special Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan
  • John Boyd as Special Agent Stuart Scola
  • Katherine Renee Turner as Special Agent Tiffany Wallace
  • Alana De La Garza as Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille
  • Jeremy Sisto as Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine

Some of the recurring cast members of the series are as follows: 

  • David Zayas as Antonio Vargas 
  • Kathleen Munroe as Rina Trenholm 
  • Piter Marek as Rashid Bashir 
  • Taylor Anthony Miller as Kelly Moran
  • Roshawn Franklin as Trevor Hobbs 
  • Vedette Lim as Elise Taylor 
  • Shantel VanSanten as Nina Chase 

FBI Season 5: Everything we know so far

FBI Season 5 Episodes

The precise number of episodes for the FBI Season 5 has yet to be revealed, but we can expect it to be in the same range as the previous seasons, which usually differ from 15 to 22 episodes with an average runtime of approx 45 minutes.

We’d also like to point out that, as of June 11, 2022, the exact amount for the upcoming season cannot be confirmed, as the number of episodes may vary, which is ultimately dependent on the plot that the show intends to convey to the audience as seen in the previous seasons. 

Meanwhile, we suggest fans to patiently wait and binge-watch Season 4 which recently aired in order to update their recollection of certain significant plotlines and keep an eye out for details that will release in the coming months about the series episode titles and dates. Take a look at the FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 official trailer below: 

FBI Tuesday Week 2 Promo (HD) FBI, FBI: International, FBI: Most Wanted

Where to stream FBI?

FBI Season 5, when released, will air on CBS on TUESDAYS 8/7C slot just like the prior seasons. The viewers can also catch up with all the seasons of FBI on Paramount+ or fuboTV. 

Moreover, all seasons of FBI are also available for renting or purchasing on, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu, with a vast number of membership plans according to the preference of the users. Moreover, the series is also available to watch exclusively on CBS’s official website for free where the episodes are published after they air on the TV channel. 

FBI Season 5: Everything we know so far

Is there any trailer for FBI Season 5?

No, because Season 4 recently aired its penultimate episode considered as the finale for the time being on May 17, 2022. As a result, releasing a trailer or promo for FBI Season 5 so that the fans may learn more about plotlines and see new features that the characters will explore is way too early for the network.

When the series’ release schedules get closer, the official promotional material will be posted. In the meantime, check out this exclusive interview with Missy Peregrym and Zeeko Zaki, titled The Sit-Down: Missy Peregrym & Zeeko Zaki Preview Season 4 Of FBI, which was released on the official CBS Local News YouTube channel. In the interview, Missy Peregrym and Zeeko Zaki, stars of CBS’ FBI, talk with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith about the premiere of Season 4 and why Dick Wolf always does what he says he will do.

The Sit-Down: Missy Peregrym & Zeeko Zaki Preview Season 4 Of FBI

FBI Official Synopsis

The official synopsis of the series according to the CBS website states, “FBI is a fast-paced drama about the inner workings of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This elite unit brings to bear all their talents, intellect, and technical expertise on major cases in order to keep New York and the country safe.” 

Catch up on the previous season while you wait for more FBI Season 5 updates.