Find out which BTS member is your birthday twin

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The Bangtan Boys have created a bang in the K-pop world. From their smooth like Butter moves to their looks, there’s nothing about the boy band that you can hate. It’s a no-brainer that BTS is one of the most well-known boy bands in the world. While BTS has been growing in all its ventures, something called the BTS Army emerged over a period of time. The Army, or the ardent fans of this band, referred to themselves as a people who have a specific anthem, they have a color and a badge, merchandise, and much more. Fun fact, BTS makes most of its money out of the merchandise the BTS army obtains.

In that case, we would all be inspired to know if we shared our birthdays with these seven talented men. So, wear your seat belts and get ready to find out the birth dates and the zodiac signs of BTS members. Who knows, one of them might really be your birthday twin.

V (Kim Taehyung)

BTS and birthdays

He was born on December 30, 1995, which means he’s a Capricorn. Capricorns are known for their hard-working nature and the ability to be charming at all times, and their zeal to experiment with new things all the time. The same is with V. Being one of the youngest members of BTS, he has been loved and adored for the work he does for the band. He is hardworking, and he’s exploring new ventures in acting as well. 


BTS Jimin

Jimin is a libra. He was born on October 13, 1995. Libras are the ones who are always in search of equality and the ones who want justice. They want to be fair. They’re outgoing, social, fun, and someone who can be totally contrasting to the personality of Capricorn. The very reason V and Jimin are made for each other and they call each other soulmates. It is because Jimin complements the fun nature of V, which is still hidden in a very cute way. Now, if Jimin is your birthday twin, you just know how awesome it is to be a Libra who is born in October.



Jin is a Sagittarius, and the ones born in December are extremely lovely and kind, smart with their brains. Jin, who’s also the manager, the head, and one of the core members of BTS, is a businessman by nature and the oldest member of the band who was born on December 4, 1992. He has a great interest in exploring another world and exploring different types of philosophies and ideologies. In fact, many of BTS’s works are also inspired by these philosophies and ideologies he actively reads about.


Jhope BTS Networth

Born on February 18, 1994, and one of the youngest members of the BTS band, J-Hope is actually an Aquarius. Aquarius is everything you want but cannot have. They are sassy, smart, outgoing, ambivert, and know the limits at the same time, but they can be friendly and great people to love and hang out with. While J-Hope is one of the richest and the most talented members of BTS as he has a lot of singles to his name that have made him famous recently. Also, Aquarius is known to experiment with art forms such as music, and J-Hope is a living example of the same.


BTS Suga

Suga is a Piscean, stubborn and dedicated. People with this zodiac sign are always ready to seek attention but also be there for people they love and cherish. Born on March 9, 1993, Suga is one of the most underrated and interesting members of BTS. He is compassionate and even actively engages in social work. 



Jungkook was born on September 1, 1997, and he, in fact, is the youngest member of BTS. Being a Virgo is never easy. You are complicated yet understanding. You want attention but space, both at the same time. You can be the best partners, but sometimes the worst people based on temperament to deal with. All in all, Virgos are versatile, and that is how Jungkook has proved himself to be over the years, a very versatile and volatile personality. He is the apple of everyone’s eyes because of his ability to be charismatic and chivalrous at the same time.

Rap Monster or RM


RM was born on September 12, 1994. Again, a complicated yet smart and composed Virgo. He is the core member of BTS and, in fact, irreplaceable based on the role he plays. His raps and his ability to experiment with new things in his niche have landed him 77 plus titles in his name. Now, this makes him an interesting person to be your birthday twin.