Find out which BTS member matches your personality best

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Attention Army! Find out which one of the Septet vibes with you the most.

The world has lost its heart and mind to the groovy music of the famous Septet. The world’s biggest boy band BTS from South Korea is a household name now. They have been breaking their own records only to form a new one every year and eventually reach a wider audience. The Septet, led by Kim Nam Joon, is a bunch of talented, fun-loving, dynamic men who are sensitive enough to promote the necessity of self-love.

The boy band consists of Kim Nam-joon (a.k.a. RM), Min Yoon-gi (a.k.a. Suga), Jung Ho-seok (a.k.a J-hope), Kim Seok-jin (a.k.a. Jin), Jeon Jung-kook (a.k.a. Jungkook or Kookie), Kim Tae-hyung (a.k.a. V) and Park Ji-min (a.k.a. Jimin). Needless to say, Army, their fan base, has not only been swooning over their music but also their personalities.

If you are interested in knowing your match, let’s check which BTS member suits your personality. Before that, you can watch this episode where BTS checks their MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) personality themselves.

BTS (방탄소년단) MBTI Lab 1


If you are a born leader clumsy at the same time, then Nam Joon is your buddy. He is a man of conviction and sensitivity. He is highly protective of the younger members and can be strict at times to bring them in line. Other than the responsibilities that he carries off with such apparent ease, he is a nature-loving person. His Instagram posts determine his affliction towards modern art and architecture, museum visits, and his love to be amidst nature. According to MBTI, he is an Extrovert (ENFP) which suits him as a leader.


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If you know information about random stuff and love music, you and Suga are a match. He can be older than RM but has never thrown around his weight on others. On the contrary, he chose to be a silent observer and create more music that blows away international charts. He can be forgetful and an absent-minded genius who often forgets the pass key to his studio. Other than being a scary cat, at times, Suga is direct in his responses as much as he is meticulous about his work. One more thing to note, even if he does not show, he yearns for love from other members. According to MBTI, he is an Introvert (ISTP) and rational.


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If you light up a room just with your presence, then J-Hope is your man. He is a ball of sunshine amidst the septet and is never without a smile. He holds an INFJ personality according to MBTI, which makes him a creative, sensitive, and intuitive person. This goofy man with lots of positive vibes is a doting elder brother to the ‘Maknae’ line. According to his dongsaeng-s (younger brothers) of the band, he loves teasing them. He is a terrific dancer with unimaginable agility that matches his rap. One more aspect that makes him stand out is his sense of fashion. His Instagram posts will be a delight to check his outfits and aesthetic images.


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If you are a goofy person and love to crack jokes, Seok Jin suits you the best. Seok Jin being the oldest of the lot has always been the craziest member. Other than his handsome features, his vocals have won millions of hearts. His V-lives surely tell you that he is a foodie. Being the most enthusiastic of the team, Jin has gotten along easily with his fellow mates. Interestingly, he has never thrown his weight around and eventually carried an avuncular air around him. As per his MBTI personality test, Jin is an Introvert (INTP) which surely puts him as an intuitive thinker.


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If you are thoughtful and also effusive at the same time, you will surely get along with Kim Tae Hyung. He is one of the most versatile singers with a number of OSTs under his name. This talented individual is lively, chaotic, and often known to have kept RM on his toes. Yet over the years, Tae Hyung became inclusive and enjoyed a certain me-time to recharge himself. According to his MBTI personality test, he changed from being an Extrovert (ENFP) to being an Introvert (INFP-T). Despite his major transformation, he can be sassy at times and prioritizes his personal space as much as he loves interacting with his fans.


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If you are flexible and kind and timid, Jimin is your soulmate. This man is talented with his androgynous voice and surely works hard— a perfectionist. He is loyal and listens to his hyungs (elder brothers) but would never do anything that would cut a sorry figure for him. Despite his lively nature, he can be really headstrong at times, as per his fellow mates. Jimin holds an Extrovert (ESTP) nature and no wonder everyone goes to him to share their woes and worries.


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If you are shy and love drinking banana milk, Kookie is your best friend. The most talented and youngest of the boy band, Jung Kook is known for his smile. His Instagram activities once showed how much he loves to interact with his Army, unfortunately, he has deleted his posts. Being the youngest he is not only a bit timid but seldom listens to his elder brothers. This playful and doting man is always up to some mischief. Though his vocals are beyond any judgment. According to MBTI’s personality, he is an Introvert (INTP) and also spontaneous and fun-loving.


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Now that we know how these 7 are, it’s time for you to find who vibes with you the best.