Find out which Heartstopper character you are based on your zodiac sign

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If you are looking for a fruitful series, Heartstopper must certainly be on your to-watch list. This comedy-romance drama is filled with romance and portrays the growth of different characters beautifully. This series premiered in April 2022; it has two seasons. It perfectly portrays the pressure of society as the main cast finds it difficult to accept his identity as a gay person; hence, not only is this drama fun, but it also has a deep reality to it. 

With such a character’s distinctiveness, each character has its own flaws and difficulties in which astrology plays a big role, so let’s get right into it and find out which character of Heartstopper you are based on your zodiac sign. 

Charlie Spring: Taurus 


One of the main protagonists of the show, Charlie, is an emotional and empathetic person. Charlie, as a Taurus, is a strong person as despite enduring all the bullying in his high school, he still tries to live a decent school life. Taurus people are known for their perseverance and optimism. They are very emotional beings who tend to overthink a lot. We can see this behavior visibly in Charlie as he tends to apologize a lot. It is also seen that Charlie tends to put the needs of others first and is always available when someone needs help.

Tao Xu: Aries

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Aries are highly competitive people who aim to excel in almost everything, but also, tend to overthink a lot. Tao finds himself in a vulnerable position where he is threatened to lose Charlie to Nick. He is always up for challenging situations and never runs away from difficulties. He is also very protective of his friends; we can see how he is always there for Charlie and is not afraid of fighting the bullies. This boldness makes him stand out even more from other characters.

Elle: Cancer


Just like Cancers, Elle is a very emotional and empathetic person who is always willing to help people. Charlie’s best friend, Elle, is always there to help her whenever she needs. Elle is a natural caregiver who is always aware of our surroundings and how people are feeling around her, which is probably why everyone seems to love her and feel comfortable in reaching out to her; however, just like cancer people, she can find it difficult in opening up to someone and is used to sharing her emotions.

Sarah Nelson: Scorpio

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Nick Nelson’s mother is an extremely strong woman as she raised Nick and his brother alone after she was divorced. She is an understanding mother to her son, as she always supports Nick’s relationship with Charlie. We can see how comfortable Nick feels with his mom as he never hesitates to reach out to her for help or advice. Scorpios are known for their loyalty and warm and compassionate personality, as we can see in Sarah. She is also very protective of the people she loves and is always there for them.

Nick Nelson: Gemini

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Nick is a playful, sweet person who becomes best friends with Charlie but soon becomes Charlie’s love interest. Gemini is represented by the twin; we can certainly say that Nick has an energy of two where he always struggles to fit into the two worlds, which are his desire to fit into the world and to follow his heart. He is curious and wants to explore his sexuality but, at the same time, is scared of how he will be perceived by everyone else but soon overcomes this feeling.

Imogen: Leo 

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She is a passionate and loyal person; we can see her growing gradually over the episodes. As Leo, she is a very extroverted person and always catches the attention of everyone. We can say that drama follows her everywhere. Imogen is a perfect example of a hopeless romantic as he struggles with her feelings for Nick but, however, is understanding and supportive of Nick’s relationship with Charlie even after getting rejected.

We can see how astrology plays a big part in defining and distinguishing us from the rest; this series is filled with character distinctiveness which attracts a lot of the audience naturally. We can see how each character has had personal growth and overcame their fears.