Find Out Which Sweet Magnolias Character You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Sweet Magnolias is a popular American romantic drama based on the novel ‘Sweet Magnolias’, which premiered in May 2020. This series is a perfect match if you are looking for a fun, relaxing drama. It portrays the friendship of three best friends, Maddie, Helen, and Dana, as they help each other through drama and struggles.

It also shows different relationships and how they evolve and break. With such dynamic relationships, astrology plays a great role, whether it’s about compatibility or personality distinctiveness. So, let’s jump right into it and find out which sweet magnolias character you are based on your zodiac sign. 

Maddie Townsend: Aquarius

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Best friends with Helen and Dana, Maddie is the sweetest soul who is highly emotional. We can see that she is often quiet and nervous around people. However, she eventually becomes comfortable around the people she loves. She is a very strong person as she is going through a divorce and is on the verge of losing her family home. However, even after everything she went through, she is also a forgiving person, as she forgives Noreen for having an affair with her ex-husband Bill.

Annie Sullivan: Pisces

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One of the main characters of the series, she is the daughter of Dana Sue. She is a very creative person, like all other Pisces, who put all her creativity into photography which we can see from her Instagram profile, where she captures scenery with deep meanings. Annie is an emotional and sensitive person who is extremely quiet and introverted. We can see that Annie is having a hard time after her parent’s separation, as she was close to her dad. Annie also does not approve of living in Serenity and can’t wait to get away from there. She is a loyal person; we can see her friendship with Kyle and Simon in the series. 

Dana Sue: Taurus


Dana Sue is a passionate and hard-working person who is a chef and the owner of the restaurant Sullivan’s. Hence in the series, we can see that her talent speaks for herself. In the beginning, we can see her stressed as she catches her co-chef drinking and stealing and ends up firing him. Dana, just like Taurus, is also a stubborn person who feels the need to always be in charge. We can see her struggle as she wants to change her lifestyle and diet.

Bill Townsend: Cancer


Bill is the Ex-husband of Maddie and the father of Tyler, Katie, and Kylie. Bill tries to be tough on the outside but is an emotional person on the inside. After the divorce, he planned on selling the family house; however, he ended up giving it to Maddie. Initially, Bill was acting very cold but later understood that his kids would take some time to accept his relationship with Noreen. We can also see that Bill feels a little guilty about cheating on Maddie, and he tries his best to make it up to their children.

Tyler: Leo

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He is the oldest son of Bill and Maddie. He is good at basketball and is the best player on his team. Bill has a hard time after their parent’s divorce and often ends up taking it out on Maddie by being disrespectful. Tyler is popular in his high school and really good friends with Annie Sullivan as they grew up together. However, Tyler has a superiority complex and wishes to be always at the top.

Helen: Libra

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Helen is a successful hardworking lawyer who is very careful and understanding. She is a very loyal person and always there for her friends. At the beginning of the series, we can see Helen helping Maddie through her divorce and convincing Bill that selling the family house will be very unfair to Maddie and the kids. Helen is also very ambitious as she buys a mansion to run the business as a spa with Maddie and Dana. 

We can now see how astrology plays a big role in compatibility and relationships with other people. This series is all about maintaining and cherishing relationships, whether it’s about family, friends, or romance.