Find out which Virgin River character you are based on your zodiac sign

Virgin River Season 5 is not coming to Netflix in July 2023

If you are looking for a sizzling romance drama, ‘Virgin River’ is a perfect choice for you to watch on Netflix. Virgin River is an American romance television series that premiered on December 6, 2019.  This drama astonishes everyone with the pleasant breathtaking views where the drama was filmed. Everyone is hooked on this drama because of its dramatic plot lines and interesting characters, which make people come back for more and wait patiently for the next season to premiere. 

Now, if you end up drawing similarities with your favorite character from Virgin River and always think about what made you so relatable to your favorite character, astrology might have the answer for you. Astrology plays a big role in studying the personalities of the characters, so let’s jump right in to find which character you are on the Virgin River based on your zodiac sign. 

Cancer: Mel Monroe


Mel is a classic example of cancer; cancer people are known to be the most nurturing and emotional people which is perfectly represented by Mel. She is an empathetic person who is ready to help anyone no matter how bitter her relationship is with them. Mel’s career as a nurse itself gives an explanation of how caring person she is; however, cancer people find it difficult to trust and open up with anyone, despite all the heartbreaks and problems of losing her mother as a child and husband in a car accident we can see she is a bit to herself avoiding sharing about her life experiences with anyone. 

Capricorn: Jack Sheridan

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Capricorns in astrology are defined as hardworking, dedicated, and disciplined individuals, which fits perfectly with Jack’s personality. Capricorns are known to be ambitious and organized individuals who pursue and crave success. We can see that Jack is a hardworking person as he completed his marine ambitions and is successful with his restaurant business. We can also see that Jack portrays leadership qualities; he is a responsible leader to his subordinates at war. Capricorns are also known for being soft, emotional people who are always available to anyone in need; we can see that Jack has a loving and caring personality and is a fair boss to his employees. 

Taurus: Hope McCrea


This zodiac sign is known for loyalty, hardworking and reliable personality.  Hope is someone on whom anyone can easily depend and rely; she is the most trustable person in town who takes responsibility for organizing almost all the town events in the town. Just like Hope, Taurus’s personality is also known for their stubbornness. Hope hates being interrupted and can’t stand taking opinions from others. Taurus people also put all their devotion into maintaining the relationship he/she feels close to; in the series, we can see Hope being close to both Jack and Mel and assisting them through everything.

Scorpio: Dan Brady

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Scorpion zodiac signs are known for their passionate, brave, and jealous personality which Brady fits in perfectly. Scorpion guys are also defined as ‘bad boys’; however, we do not know if Brady is a bad guy or misunderstood in these series. Scorpions are extremely ambitious and constantly crave money and power. We can see these traits in Brady as he struggles with his job as a server in Jack’s bar because he feels he needs to pursue something big. They are also very intuitive people who are always curious about their surroundings; we find Brady exposing Calvin’s fentanyl business and warning Mel and Spencer to get involved in it and thus proving how he can get beneath anything and find out the truth. 

Virgo: John ‘Preacher’ Middleton

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Virgo people are known for being genuine and extremely hard-working individuals who always put their own needs before anyone. We can see that John was there to take care of Jack’s business while he was busy with emergencies. They are also very loyal and trustable people; John, despite having feelings for Paige, did not confess to her to not make her uncomfortable but was always there for her and her son Christopher and also took care of him while Paige was away. 

Gemini: Charmaine Roberts

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This sign has an extrovert and friendly personality which can be seen in Charmaine. Gemini people hate the thought of being alone; Charmaine holds on with the hope of being in a relationship with Jack even though he has made clear how he wants to keep everything casual. Charmaine, as a Gemini personality, craves passionate relationships, which Jack can’t simply provide her. 

We can see how astrology explains a lot of the personalities and relationships within the characters in the series, with every one of them having their own set of strengths and weaknesses and different compatibility with everyone.