Fire Country Season 2 is not coming in August 2023

fire country season 2

Summer is almost up. The writer’s strike is still on! Our scripted shows are going off the rail and won’t reach us by fall 2023. Will Country Fire Season 2 share the same fate? 

This is a pressing question that has been lodged in our heads all summer long. As we approach the cups of August and slowly transition to fall, the situation surrounding our supposed fall series seems to get bleaker by the day. Our series in focus, Fire Country, was renewed for a second season back on January 3rd, giving us something to look forward to for the fall season. An avalanche of uncertainty hit when the strike situation grew more dire by the minute, postponing almost every scripted season of the CBS fall 2023-24 lineup.

Amidst this chaos, fans were left pondering upon the fate of the top broadcast series of the season, Fire Country, and its ill-fated return this year. If you are one of those people who are wondering whether Fire Country: Season 2 will grace our screens this fall, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to find out.

Fire Country Season 2: Is it coming in August 2023?

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Credit: CBS

Let’s cut to the chase.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Fire Country Season 2 will not come in August 2023, and from the looks of it, it will not reach us in September or October.

We are entering the third consecutive month of the writer’s strike, and there are currently no updates on any form of consolidation over the next few weeks and probably months. So if not in August, when will Fire Country Season 2 reach us?

Season 1 of the show garnered such respect and viewership (about 8.5 million plus views per episode and streamed across multiple platforms) that CBS was determined for a renewal announcement amidst the show being aired just before episode 9. Check out the announcement post from CBS Network.

In relation to Fire Country Season 1’s stellar performance, the President of CBS Entertainment, Amy Reisenbach said,

“It’s pretty remarkable to see a new series resonate like this with both broadcast and streaming audiences right out of the gate. “Fire Country has so many appealing entry points for the audience. It combines high-stakes action with small-town charm, mystery, romance, and a family franchise at its core. We’re blessed to have an incredible team in front of and behind the camera led by amazing producers and writers and an exceptionally talented cast.”

All was well and good until May 19th, when the finale episode of Season 1, “I Know It Feels Impossible, aired on the CBS network. Fans were in anticipation of Season 2 making a comeback in Fall 2023, as the typical pattern followed by all series on the CBS network.  To affirm our assumption, the network even released its fall lineup, where we spotted Fire Country on the Friday slot from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Take a look.

However, judging the various angles and considering the fact that filming for Fire Country Season 2 is still under speculation, the possibility of a fall release seems bleak. However, if the strike does wind up by October and the series starts its production, our latest prediction of the Season 2 release lies within the time window of early to mid-2024 release.

Confirming our fears, George Cheeks, President, and CEO, of CBS and Chief Content Officer of News and Sports, Paramount+, in conversation with Deadline, said,

“We wanted to build our schedule for when the world goes back to normal. Once we had done that, once we locked it in, we spent a lot of time focusing on what it was going to look like. He elaborated that a revised CBS fall scheduling plan is expected to be revealed soon. First of all, obviously, it’s going to be very reality-heavy.” 

Until further speculations surrounding this time release are underway, we urge the fans to sit tight and pray for its earlier release. From our side, we will keep up with these frequent updates, so stay tuned.

Fire Country Season 2: Cast

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Credits: CBS

The cast members for Fire Country Season 2 are:

  • Max Thieriot as Bode Donovan (aka Bode Leone)
  • Kevin Alejandro as Manny Perez
  • Jordan Calloway as Jake Crawford
  • Stephanie Arcila as Gabriela Perez
  • Jules Latimer as Eve Edwards
  • Diane Farr as Sharon Leone
  • Billy Burke as Vince Leone

Later, it was reported that Zach Tinker had joined the cast list at a later date.

Rebecca Mader and Kanoa Goo were set to return for recurring roles confirmed in March 2023.

Check out this recent post from the official Twitter handle of Fire Country:

Fire Country Season 2: Expected Plot

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Warning: Spoiler Alert

Although no official statement regarding the plot for Season 2 has been revealed by the network, we can determine the essence of the story from the official synopsis of the show, which reads, “Bad choices don’t make a bad man. At least that’s what Bode Donovan’s been told. Midway through a five-year prison stretch, he’s been trying to convince himself of it, too. He gets the chance to prove it, signing on to an unconventional prison-release program: in exchange for reduced sentences, convicts are paired with firefighters battling Northern California wildfires. The heat is turned up when Bode’s assigned to the program in his rural hometown, the place where all his troubles began.”

A redemption story is always an enthralling piece for the audience. It speculates a character whose personality and demeanor start disheveled and in loss of direction. They commit sin after sin without the urge to turn their lives around for the better. Then fate gives them a chance to prove themselves and look into their consciousness to fix the broken soldier inside. That’s when they rise from the ashes like a phoenix concluding a perfect redemption plot. Fire Country is no exception to this.

From what we can deduce, the plot for season 2 will resume where the Season 1 finale (I Know It Feels Impossible) left off, whose synopsis reads, “The station 42 and third rock crews face a daring rescue when massive mudslide tears through Edgewater. Meanwhile, Bode’s (Max Theriot) freedom is on the line at his parole hearing.”

In relation to the major cliffhangers we were left with, here are a few trajectories that Season 2 can take off with:

  • Freddy’s plan is to help out Bode, who is in jail for a wrong accusation by a lawyer, which he gracefully admits to in order to save his friend Freddy. We may watch Freddy experience redemption in trying to save Bode while reversing his wrongdoing.
  • The season 1 finale showed us Gabriella and Bode acting on their romantic feelings. However, this newly developed relationship can grow estranged due to Bode’s drug test coming back positive and also his being behind bars.
  • The season finale showed Cara being pregnant (not disclosing who the father is), and Jake is definitely not the father. Could it be Bode, since they were ex-lovers?

We can only wait for the season to air to find out which plots pick up from the finale.

Fire Country Season 2: Where to Watch

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Since Season 2 release dates are still under wraps, the show won’t probably air until 2024. Till then, you can catch up on the previous season on these platforms :

  • CBS app and website (After broadcast), and then later on Paramount Plus
  • FuboTV
  •  iTunes
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Google Play
  • Vudu

Fire Country Season 2: Official Trailer

While we have no official trailer to show you since the production has been mute on the release date for Fire Country Season 2, you can check out the Season 1 finale promo in the meantime.

Fire Country 1x22 Promo "I Know It Feels Impossible" (HD) Season Finale | Max Thieriot series

Also, check out this video on the first look of the series.

'Fire Country' First Look Trailer | New Series This Fall

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