Fire Country Season 2 is not coming in June 2023

Fire Country Season 2 is not coming in June 2023
Credit: CBS

Are you prepared to know what lies ahead? If yes, then continue reading to learn more about Fire Country Season 2.

As the sun sets over the rugged terrain of Fire Country, a sense of anticipation for the next season fills the air among its loyal viewers. To say the least, the Fire Country fandom, even after finishing the first season a few days ago, is all set to delve right into this world and binge-watch the next season. They are more excited to know what more the series and its beloved characters have to offer. So, if you’re looking for more information on the upcoming season, then you’ve come to the right place!

We at Web News Observer have compiled all of the relevant details due to the high level of interest shown by the viewers. Here is everything we know about CBS’s Fire Country Season 2.

Fire Country Season 2 is not coming in June 2023

Fire Country Season 2: Is it premiering on CBS in June 2023?

As of writing this, we regret to inform our readers that the much-awaited second season of “Fire Country,” will not be available on CBS until June 2023, making the fandom wait a bit longer. If you recall, earlier this year the series was renewed for a second season. Since then, not much has been revealed, as the finale episode aired recently too. More importantly, the filming is expected to begin sometime around July or August in order to release the new episodes without any further delays.  

As a result, we haven’t heard anything recent concerning the official release date. On the bright side, the network has stepped up and confirmed that the release window of the second season is scheduled to make its comeback sometime in the fall of 2023 at 9 p.m. on CBS, just like the first season, with the most likely time frame being around October to September. Of course! We suggest the fans be patient and wait for CBS to confirm other details in the coming months.  

In the meantime, check out the 2023–2024 primetime schedule for CBS as shared on the official Twitter handle below:

Fire Country Season 2: Why was the series renewed?

It’s obvious that the story hasn’t been completed yet and it should be no surprise that the show is returning for another season, as the overall reception alone indicates the show’s popularity along with the fairly good critical acclaim from the audience and critics. The series has averaged 8 million viewers per episode, making it the top new broadcast series of the season. With live +35-day multiplatform viewing, more than 10 million viewers an episode have watched the procedural across linear and streaming platforms.  

With such good reception, there is no chance that a major network like CBS will let go of the show this prematurely!

“It’s pretty remarkable to see a new series resonate like this with both broadcast and streaming audiences right out of the gate,” said Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment, in a statement. “Fire Country has so many appealing entry points for the audience. It combines high-stakes action with small-town charm, mystery, and romance, and a family franchise at its core. We’re blessed to have an incredible team in front of and behind the camera led by amazing producers and writers and an exceptionally talented cast.”

The official Twitter handle also confirmed the renewal among its followers, quoting, “This story’s not done yet. #FireCountry has officially been renewed for season 2!” Take a look at the official post below: 

Fire Country Season 2: What to expect?

The story from the first season will carry further into the new season, which is as follows: “Bad choices don’t make a bad man. At least that’s what Bode Donavan’s been told. Midway through a five-year prison stretch, he’s been trying to convince himself of it, too. He gets the chance to prove it, signing on to an unconventional prison-release program: in exchange for reduced sentences, convicts are paired with firefighters battling Northern California wildfires. The heat is turned up when Bode’s assigned to the program in his rural hometown, the place where all his troubles began.” 

Moreover, the plot from the final episode, “I Know It Feels Impossible,” which was released on May 19, 2023, and watched by 5.32 million US viewers, will be picked up as a continuation for the next season, which followed: “The station 42 and third rock crews face a daring rescue when a massive mudslide tears through Edgewater. Meanwhile, Bode’s (Max Theriot) freedom is on the line at his parole hearing.” The episode was directed by Dermott Downs and written by Tia Napolitano. Check out the official promo of the episode to recall the events in case you haven’t streamed the episode yet!  

Fire Country 1x22 Promo "I Know It Feels Impossible" (HD) Season Finale | Max Thieriot series

Fire Country Season 2 Cast and Crew

The main cast members of the series who are expected to reprise their roles in the second season are as follows: 

  • Max Thieriot as Bode Donovan (aka Bode Leone), an inmate firefighter seeking redemption.
  • Kevin Alejandro as Manny Perez, Gabriella’s father, and captain of Cal Fire where Bode is sent.
  • Jordan Calloway as Jake Crawford, the ex-boyfriend of Riley and Gabriela, and a firefighter.
  • Stephanie Arcila as Gabriela Perez, Manny’s daughter, and probationary firefighter.
  • Jules Latimer as Eve Edwards, a firefighter with Jake under Vince’s command.
  • Diane Farr as Sharon Leone, Vince’s wife, Riley’s mother, Bode’s mother, and Cal Fire Division Chief.
  • Billy Burke as Vince Leone, Riley’s father, Bode’s father, and Cal Fire Battalion Chief.

There can be new additions and removals from the cast, which will be revealed later by the network. Fire Country, from Jerry Bruckheimer Television and CBS Studios, is inspired by Thieriot’s experiences growing up in fire country and stems from an original idea by the actor, who also co-penned the story for the pilot with its writers, Tony Phelan and Joan Rater.

Fire Country Season 2 is not coming in June 2023

Fire Country Season 2 Episodes and Streaming Options

The next season is expected to have at least 22 episodes, which are intended to follow its predecessor to be consistent. We would like to highlight that the exact titles and synopsis for the upcoming episodes cannot be confirmed this early on in order to avoid spoilers. So, if the readers want to receive updates on when the show premieres on the respective streaming platforms, they can also enable notifications on the respective platforms. 

When released, Fire Country Season 2, along with prior episodes, will be available on CBS and later on Paramount Plus at the same time slot of 9/8c. 

On the other hand, it is reported to be available for free on the CBS platform, just like all the other series on the platform. Moreover, the first season is also available to stream on FuboTV, depending on viewers’ locations, like many CBS series. The show might also be available to rent or buy on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu, depending on the preferred membership plans that the users can choose from. 

Catch up on the previous episodes while you wait for more Fire Country Season 2 updates.