Florida grandmother allegedly gave infant grandson lethal medication; Arrested

Grandma 1

The irresponsibility of a parent or a grandparent in their hand for the death of a child, let alone an infant, cannot be overlooked under the pretense of the person being family. Although such adversity need not necessarily mean that the family member who committed the crime had any ulterior motive, but made an irresponsible judgment of error resulting in effects that can never be revoked.

People reported via local Florida police that a grandmother from Florida has been arrested in connection with the August 2022 death of an 11-month-old child. In lieu of a warrant statement acquired by People from the Broward Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit on Friday, the grandmother, Tibina Louisiana, was arrested.

According to People, ‘Officers responded to a home in Oakland Park, Fla., on the morning of Aug. 21, 2022, regarding an infant who had become “unresponsive.” Josiah was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.’, the Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office launched an investigation on the matter and reported that the child had  “a lethal concentration of the powerful antihistamine cyproheptadine” in his system. People state that the FDA cites that cyproheptadine, which can be legally administered only with a doctor’s prescription, is an antihistamine that can also be used for appetite control and to “enhance” appearances.

When fishing for toxicology evidence at the site of the unfortunate incident, authorities spotted doses of cyproheptadine in the bottles of the baby. A final autopsy performed back in August 2022, Josiah’s untimely death has been ruled as a homicide. The cause is reported to be “cyproheptadine toxicity.” This indicates that doses of the lethal drug were slowly used over a period of time to cause death acquired from the poison spotted on feeding bottles of Josiah.

The same report that stated that the manner of death was homicide also states, ‘Louissant, who told detectives she was the only person taking care of Josiah, is facing a charge for aggravated manslaughter of a child and was released on bond on Saturday,’ whose amount is deemed as $50,000.