Florida man and woman accused of taking turns to slit man’s throat then throwing him off bridge; Victim survives

Florida Slit Throat

In a mind-numbing and motiveless case, a Florida man and woman duo were charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery when the police reported them taking turns to slit a man’s throat and then proceed to throw him off the bridge, as per People.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office cleared out the story to the public but did not mention the victim’s name, saying that the man, via his Facebook profile, agreed to go on a date with the accused woman, named Natalie Fonseca. The reports acquired by People state that the victim agreed to go to Fonseca’s house when she offered. Thereafter, she allegedly introduced him to the accused male, Nafis Reynold, who she said was her uncle.

As the sheriff’s office continued the story to People, the trio reportedly left their abode, and shortly afterward, Reynold and Fonseca attacked the victim and threatened his life. The investigative authorities claim that the duo took the victim’s shoes, phone, money, and car, and they proceeded to take turns to cut his throat before throwing him off the bridge into the Escambia River.

Miraculously, the victim survived the death attack, swam to the shore, and immediately informed the sheriff’s deputy about the nightmare incident, as reported by the authorities obtained by People. While on investigation, the authorities uncovered the victim’s car, which was left abandoned and lit on fire.

“Police then established a crime scene and arrested Fonseca and Reynolds, who were booked into Escambia County jail Monday on charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, and armed carjacking,” per People accounts. Whether the accused have retained authorities or are entering a plea is unclear at the moment.