Florida man charged with manslaughter after infant daughter rolled over bed and died while man watched YouTube video

Credit: YouTube/WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando

Cases of infant deaths put a huge question mark on the parenting patterns of the guardian. It is one thing if the baby dies out of disease and the parents do everything in their power to ensure they are nursed back to health, but it is an atrocious sin when the act is committed by an absentee or irresponsible guardian. The damage is irreversible.

Kevin Dorgan, 44, as Meaww reports, was charged with the manslaughter of his infant daughter. He appeared in court and was held at the Brevard County Jail on a $75,000 bond on Monday, October 9, and was asked by the authorities not to contact his immediate family.

September 5th marks the date when Dorgan was with two of his daughters, one two-year-old FD and another three-month-old KD, at his Cocoa Village Courtyard Villas apartment, where knowingly he placed his infant daughter on the mattress on the floor, even though he knew he ‘should not have done that’, reports Meaww. He was allegedly aware that he had to place the infant in the pack-and-play right next to the bed.

The Cocoa Police Department reported to Meaww that Dorgan was the one who reported the incident to the emergency services and informed them that he and the children had not long ago gotten home from Arby’s after dropping off their mother at work. Click Orlando via Meaww that Dorgan continued that the infant was face down when he discovered her on the floor and was not breathing. When the authorities reached the scene, the 44-year-old father of two stated that he was watching YouTube videos while his infant lay on the mattress.

Dorgan reported saying that he found his infant without breath fifteen minutes after he checked up on her. According to the affidavit that the suspect filed, said he had alerted 911 right away after realizing that “the three-month-old “looked really bad.” Meaww reports that he also said, ‘his two-year-old child had been “whining” about putting an Elmo show back on. He went into the room after he did so where the three-month-old was on the bed and immediately knew that he “f****d up,” according to his affidavit.

However, after a thorough investigation into the matter, it was revealed that the suspect’s alleged timeline suggests that he put his daughter on the mattress at 5-6 p.m. on September 5th. However, according to the police, his 911 call didn’t come in until 8 p.m. that night. Incidentally, the 44-year-old internet browser history revealed another timeline after investigators took a look at it. It showed evidence of numerous browser searches from 5.57 p.m. all the way up to 7.56 p.m., five minutes before the 911 call.

Cocoa father arrested after infant child dies

According to Meaww’s report, the affidavit said, “The suspect stated he always leaves the victim in the bed while he plays his YouTube videos. The suspect stated he watches the YouTube videos at his desk which is located in the living room. The suspect stated he cannot see either of the children from the living room and only checks on them when they start whining.”

Coming to the victim’s mother, she and Drogan were interrogated by the police on the matter on October 7th. According to the affidavit thus procured, “The mother stated the victim is always on her back and has not yet learned to roll over,” the affidavit continued, “She also stated the victim does not yet know how to crawl and turn over on her own.” The woman said she believed the baby’s death was an accident.

Continuing the contents of the affidavit, Meaww continued, “He placed the victim that he knew was incapable of caring for or protecting themselves on a bed and left the victim for approximately 15 minutes unattended to watch videos on YouTube,” adding, “He knew there was multiple crib/pack and plays in the residence to include next to the bed the victim was placed on and chose not to place the victim in one which he knew to be the safest option,” and finally saying, “He stated ‘he f****d up’ showing consciousness of guilt.”

There are several gray spots splattered over this case. As the investigation proceeds, events and intentions will be made crystal clear.