Found Season 1 is not coming in September 2023

Found s01 1

The world is fast changing. Police procedural dramas have become one of the favorite genres of the audience. However, police procedural dramas with a touch of thriller are something that is also rounding the internet off lately after shows like Bosch Legacy or Chicago P.D. take the audience’s attention away. There are also new series coming up to keep at par with the quenching thirst the audiences have for viewing such related content. It is because this field and genre is new and can still be explored from many aspects before it becomes too mainstream and scripts run out.

One such show is Found, which is coming up with its first season as a part of the NBC network of issued releases of fall 2023.

Found season one was set to release in September 2023. But now would not be coming out then. Do not worry, as the show has not yet been canceled.

But the dates are revised. Here is all we know about found season one so far.

Found Season 1 is not coming in September:

Found s01 5
PC: NBC Network

The show is not returning in September, as initially planned by the NBC Network, for the following reasons,

  • Many police procedure shows are planned by the ABC and CBS Network around the same time
  • The Writer’s Guild Association and SAG-AFTRA Strikes have delayed the post-production processes
  • They are waiting for an initial response on the trailer
  • The fall quarter lasts from September-December, and we can expect the show anytime between that

Found Season 1 Expected Release Date:

Found Season 1 Teaser

The show has been set with its official date and will start airing episodes on October 3, 2023. As per Precinct TV

“This is a show that will end the night, taking over the former New Amsterdam time slot of 10/9c. This is usually a tricky time slot, but things could be very different this fall. After all, ABC has a lineup full of unscripted content and CBS will air reruns in that time slot on Tuesdays. This could be a great opportunity for Found to find its audience.”

The show has an initial IMDb rating of 6.8/10, and there will be 12 episodes. They are by the following names,

  • Season 1; Episode 1- Pilot
  • Season 1; Episode 2- Missing while Sinning
  • Season 1; Episode 3- #1.3
  • Season 1; Episode 4- #1.4
  • Season 1; Episode 5- Missing while undocumented
  • Season 1; Episode 6- #1.6
  • Season 1; Episode 7-Missing While Indigeneous
  • Season 1; Episode 8- Missing while homeless
  • Season 1; Episode 9-#1.9
  • Season 1; Episode 10-Missing while indoctrinated
  • Season 1; Episode 11-#1.11
  • Season 1; Episode 12-#1.12

Found Season 1 Cast:

Found s01 7
PC: NBC Network

We will be seeing the following actors playing their roles;

  • Shanola Hampton as Gabi
  • Azaria Carter as Teen Gabi
  • Bill Kelly as Tony Mallory
  • Sterling Jones as Patrick
  • Rena as Paula
  • Kelli Williams as Margaret

Found Season 1 Expected Plot:

It is seen that 600,000 people go missing in the United States of America every single year, but not every case deserves the proper attention. The primary officer, Gabi, has her own crisis management team, so there is always someone looking out for these people who have been long lost or forgotten.
It starts with the divorced and still unemployed Chelsea, who wants to have a second chance because she is moving with her kids to start her new life in the small town of Sutter in North Carolina, where she accepts the job as a new police chief. Here, she is finding something unimaginable that puts her off.

There is an entire justice system that is run by women of color, especially African American women who are powerful, bold, and not scared of voicing out their own opinions. It started as a second chance at a career but became her second shot at life because these women together revolutionized the Crime, Punishment, and justice system because they have restored hope, community harmony, and humanity to a town that was desperately in need of it.

Because it is at a smaller level, community living can be promoted. It is twisting, mind-bending, and has a PR specialist because no one knows who Gabi exactly is, as she has her own chilling secrets to hide. This is all about the marginalized sections and how they need to be protected to have a progressive status in society.

Where to watch Found Season 1?

Found s01 2
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The show can be streamed on Hulu network, NBC’s official site and Amazon Prime Video.