From Season 3: How many episodes will be there?

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There are a lot of admirers of the spooky horror show on the streaming service MGM Plus. It has a solid fanbase by now. What is ahead after the perplexing From season 2 finale?

Since From seasons 1 and 2 have already been released, we’ve reviewed all the facts we presently know about the show to provide you with an understanding of its actors, the specifics of its narrative, and any hints that have been released about Season 3. People are definitely thrilled about it since Stephen King won’t stop talking about it.

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When will From Season 3 be released?

MGM plans to release From Season 3 sometime in 2024. When the studio announced that season 3 would begin in September 2023, they also disclosed this.

Michael Wright, president of MGM Plus, said in a statement, “We can’t wait for fans to discover the surprises coming in season 3, which promises more frights and riddles, but also more answers.

There were hints that manufacturing was already in progress, and now we have confirmation of it. This timeframe makes sense because the From season 2 finale premiered at the end of June 2023.

How many episodes will From Season 3 have?

The third season will start with ten episodes. The two seasons prior, this was the same amount.

From looks to be one of the latter, with seasons 1 and 2 both clocking in at 10 episodes. Some show adjust to their storyline and vary episode numbers every season, but others seem drawn to a set number. We don’t anticipate a disproportionately high or low quantity because there is no evidence that season 3 will mark the conclusion of the show.

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Who might be cast for From Season 3?

Boyd Stevens, played by Harold Perrineau, will return to serve as the show’s host, and we anticipate that every member of the core cast who survived season 2 will rejoin for season 3.

The star of the show is Perrineau, and he is supported by a great group of performers who are all striving to capture the intensity of the terrifying supernatural thriller. The Smiley Creature, played by Jamie McGuire, won’t return because it was slain; he will, however, continue to appear in our nightmares. We anticipate seeing every major character, including Tabitha, wherever she may be, as none of them were killed off in season 2, episode 10.

Fans have their hopes high to see the following actors on the screens:

  • Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno as Tabitha Matthews
  • Eion Bailey as Jim Matthews
  • David Alpay as Jade Herrera
  • Elizabeth Saunders as Donna Raines
  • Scott McCord as Victor
  • Ricky He as Kenny Liu
  • Chloe Van Landschoot as Kristi Miller
  • Pegah Ghafoori as Fatima Hassan
  • Corteon Moore as Ellis Stevens
  • Hannah Cheramy as Julie Matthews
  • Simon Webster as Ethan Matthews
  • Avery Konrad as Sara Myers
  • Elizabeth Moy as Tian-Chen Liu
  • Deborah Grover as Tillie
  • Angela Moore as Bakta
  • Kaelen Ohm as Marielle
  • A.J. Simmons as Randall
  • Nathan D. Simmons as Elgin

Season 2 saw the addition of a number of new cast members, and season 3 probably won’t be any different. However, there isn’t a formal list yet.

What can be expected from From Season 3?

Jack Bender, the director, has teased Season 3 will take up after the dramatic Season 2 ending and will be “worse” for the actors than Season 2. Episode 10 of season 2 ended with Tabitha awakening in a hospital. She sees a blonde girl’s reflection in the mirror as she peers out of a window onto an unknown landscape. ‘Fromville’: Did she really manage to get away? Although it appears to be the case, there are still some uncertainties.

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Bender suggests that stakes will escalate with the remaining residents of the community left behind. We also hope that season 3 clarifies the series’ recurring yet baffling motif of cicadas.

From Season 3 trailer

There is currently no trailer for From Season 3, but we predict that one will be released in late 2024, when the next season is most likely to air.

Expect a trailer soon before season 3 premieres on MGM Plus because we always release them in advance of new seasons. The good news is that you can view those videos here and explore other wonderful behind-the-scenes stuff on From’s official website.

Where to watch From Season 3?

Similar to seasons 1 and 2, season 3 would begin streaming on MGM Plus in the US.