Girls’ Generation to Yena: Exciting K-pop comebacks happening in August

K-pop comebacks August
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K-pop comebacks always create a huge buzz in the community – new music, extravagant music videos, mesmerizing choreographies, idols with a new look, and whatnot. But what will happen when some of the biggest names in the industry decide to make a comeback around the same time? It looks like we are about to witness that. 

Groups from the top 3 agencies – SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment – seem to be gearing up for a comeback in the month of August. A former IZ*ONE member also announced her solo return around the same time. Given how hyped-up fans get during a comeback, and we are talking about a few of the biggest fandoms coming together – things are about to get chaotic, and let’s not even get into the fierce competition we are about to see on music show awards.

Here’s a list of K-pop artists confirmed to make a comeback in August.

Girls’ Generation

The legends are all set for a comeback after 5 whole years!

Girls’ Generation, also known as “The Nation’s Girl Group”, is an eight-membered girl group under SM Entertainment. The members last released music as a whole group in August 2017, with their sixth studio album, Holiday Night. Since then, members have focused more on solo activities. SM Entertainment also debuted a sub-unit named Oh!GG with members Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sunny, and Yoona.

On May 17, SM Entertainment confirmed that Girls’ Generation would be making a full group comeback in August 2022 to celebrate the group’s 15th anniversary. But that’s not it. They are also prepared to launch their own variety show, So Shi Tam Tam, on JTBC featuring all the members. 

K-pop comebacks August


YG Entertainment has finally announced the return of the quartet. BLACKPINK is famous for going on hiatus after releasing a megahit, with its last comeback being in October 2020 with the first full album, The Album. Fans have always expressed their unpleasantness with the way the agency treats one of the biggest girl groups in the world. The members themselves can’t wait for a comeback and work on more music, with the group’s main rapper, Jennie,  jokingly stating in one of their concerts how she would love to perform more songs if the group had any.  

The wait seems to have come close to an end. YG Entertainment confirmed that BLACKPINK is in the process of finishing the recording of the upcoming album and will start the shooting of the music video this month. BLACKPINK is speculated to make a comeback between late August to early September.

K-pop comebacks August


TWICE’s oldest member, Nayeon, recently made her solo debut with the extended play, Im Nayeon. While fans are still busy celebrating her wildly successful debut, JYP Entertainment decided to drop the news of TWICE’s comeback. 

On July 13, JYP Entertainment announced that TWICE would return as a full group with its 11th mini-album, BETWEEN 1&2, on August 26, 2022. But was this announcement really a surprise to fans? All the nine members of the group are famous for being spoiler queens and even now have lived up to their name. The group’s lead rapper, Dahyun, while appearing as the special MC on Show! Music Core had already hinted at a full group comeback in August to fans.

Along with that, with the group’s contract closing to its expiration date, to fans’ relief, the agency also announced that all nine members of TWICE have decided to renew their contract with the company. Fans seem to have a lot to celebrate.

K-pop comebacks August


The former IZ*ONE member made her solo debut in January of this year with the extended play and the title track of the same name – Smiley. The positive and bright vibe of the song seemed to have won everyone’s hearts and left everyone anticipating more.

Yena seems to be prepared to make her first ever come back as a soloist. On July 17, the artist dropped a poster announcing her return on August 3. Nothing more has been revealed yet, but with the comeback date quite close, we can expect news soon.

K-pop comebacks August